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           How many times should I tweet?

"If you want to catch fish, you ask a fisherman, not the fish."~  

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by M LeMont       

Got this email:) "How often should I tweet?  I read someplace that the more you tweet, the better.  I thought about asking some of my followers if I tweet too much.  What do you think? I see that you tweet a lot and about everything, do you lose followers b/c of it?  Thanks."

Yes and yes,  I do. I gain followers but I also lose followers because I tweet a lot.  I lose about 20% of followers a day for one reason or another. But I wouldn't ask my followers how many times I should tweet before they unfollow me.   Who's going to promote your business more than you?  If I asked my followers they would most likely say four times a day would suffice while other followers want more.  So if I listened to them, it would look stupid. 

Tweeting keeps your readers connected to you. If you miss a few days of tweeting, you begin to disappear; out of sight out of mind. When I tweet 100 times a day, the more retweets I get, the more followers, and the more people I reach, which in turn allows me to make more sales . 

Now getting feedback from your followers often can be an excellent idea. But when it comes down to asking them how many times you should tweet, it's like a fisherman asking the fish, how to catch fish. If the fish could talk, it would tell you  how "not" to catch it.   And you bet your booties, a fisherman will study fish habits the same way a marketer studies consumer behavior, but neither will ask the fish how to catch it. The fish is way too smart to tell you how to catch it. (And customers). 

In the end it boils down to, "Customers want to buy, they don't want to be sold."   So you have to find a way to make your tweets less obstructive and more interesting. It starts with writing better headlines, content and incorporate images and pictures with your tweets.

Because of the 140 character limitation, Tweeting will sharpen up your overall writing. You'll write better and tighter copy, clearer and more persuasive. 

A note of caution–Don't over promote your books or products with the same tweet over and over again.  This is a real turn off and creates a wave of unfollowers.

It's not just the quantity of your tweets, but it's also about the quality of your content that makes a huge difference.   


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