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Smart Money Ideas for People with Vision
"When opportunity comes, it's too late to prepare."


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        Smart Ideas For People
 With Vision


This website was designed for visionaries with
the express purpose  to spot trends before they are
inherently obvious to the rest of the world.

Here's a trend that should be on your radar screen. Viewitnow   

I assume that you're a visionary otherwise,
you wouldn't be here right? 

If not, you may find some 
of the content less appealing. 

Now that's not to impugn the character or qualities
of anyone, it's just that
certain ideas are not attractive
to everybody.

You see, in my 30 years of being an Independent
Business owner, I've 
noticed that visionaries think
than other people.   

They find ways to make money;  recognize opportunities,
seize the moment, and develop skills.

Thomas Edison once said, “Small is the number of
people who see with their eyes and think with their

I have in my possession some valuable information
that I think 
will benefit smart people.

I'm a bit of a marketing scientist and through a series of events,
I found an amazing idea that 
has a proven track
record that will change the face 
of commerce in the U.S.   

How would you like to earn money when consumers
transact business, or better yet, 
make money on  
consumer transactions around the world. 

Someone right now is spending money,
while someone in the global transaction
is making money on the transaction.

Did you spend money to buy something Yesterday?

              What about Today?

r will you buy something Tomorrow?

If you missed the opportunity 50 years ago with
MasterCard and Visa, you now have a chance with
another company to participate in a program to
get a small piece of  spending transactions around 
the world.



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