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 Hey, I Get It: What Good is Social Proof?

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M LeMont

Hey, I get it. The internet has made more skeptics than any place on earth. I mean worse than the marketplace of any third world country. People are using every trick in the book to befriend, weeezle, and fleece money from you.

They're using fake reviews, fake testimonials, fake results, and fake people. Everybody wants a piece of the action; politicians, celebrities, actors, and preachers. From Wall Street to the ghettos, people are out to separate you from your hard-earned cash.  A man wearing a three-piece suit and carrying a briefcase can steal more money than a bank robber wearing a skull cap any day.

Hey, I get it.  Believe me, I do.  How many bestselling novels had great reviews from the New York Times, only to be the worse book you ever read?   Or what about testimonials of people who lost a 100 pounds in 2 days or the man who made $50,000 a day and wanted to share his secrets.  

And  what about famous author John Lock, who admitted that he paid for 5-star reviews.  Awe shit, that really hurts because I like his books.

Now that's what the world has come to, a bunch of lying, and conniving shysters that're making everyone a skeptic?

I even saw a quote the other day with an endearing picture of Ronald Reagan, and I found no proof he said it. 


Hey, I get it.  Trust nobody, live your life in torment and buy nothing.

Anyway, what's my point?  Well, I do have one, I didn't say all that without a heartfelt solution.   

Showing social proof of testimonials is dead, it doesn't work although I still use them. You must demonstrate that your product works.  People want to see with their own eyes, hear with their ears, taste and feel that something works.

It's like sampling food in Sam's Club or listening to a song on i-Tunes before you buy.

           Show me the money

Drug deals are handle the same way. On the count of three, I'll show you mine, and you show me yours. 

Okay, enough said.  I'm going to demonstrate that my product and services work, and if you are the smart cookie that I know that you are, you will do the same.  

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