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Why You Should Cold Call to Find Your Dream Job  
Do One Thing Every Day That Scares You ~Eleanor Roosevelt 


by M. Le'Mont

Okay so let's be honest, everybody is scared of cold calling,
and that's the very
reason you should do it to find your dream job.

Plus, you won't find your dream job in the classifieds or a personnel agency because it hasn't been created yet!  

When you cold call a company then start at the top and let your message trickle down to Human Resources.  Start with a call to the CEO and you'll probably get his Executive Administrator.  You have about sixty seconds, so have a prepared elevator script ready to go. Don't give up, get the names of some other department heads and call them. Your sheer persistence and approach will get plenty of attention.   It also shows the company that you're aggressive and not afraid to make decisions. When the interview is set, you get first crack at positions the company hasn't created or made public.  

     Do One Thing Every Day That Scares You
   ~Eleanor Roosevelt  

I remember the story of a young boy who applied for a job
at the local newspaper.

When he arrived, there were so many kids applying for the two
positions, the line wrapped around the building.

Knowing it was too much competition, the kid took a
piece of paper and scribbled a note.

He walked up to the front of the line and gave it to the secretary
and ask if she could give it to her boss.

The secretary unfolded the paper, read it and then smiled.

The note read:  I'm the 100th boy in line, don't do nothing until you talk to me!

Now that is the same impression you'll make when you cold call for your dream job.  As soon as the interview is set, the employer is already considering hiring you because of your attitude.   If the interview goes well, then you should have no problem hearing the word-- YOU'RE HIRED!


              How to Cold Call  for Network Marketing

When recruiting for network marketing new reps usually quit when
they run out of friends and relatives unless they join a social club
or go down to your local Starbucks.

I guarantee if you apply the cold call technique that follows, you'll increase your new recruits and talk to
prospects who are interested in business opportunities.
Magnetic Signs 
There are thousands of magnetic signs plastered on car doors all over the country. It's the poor man's way of advertising and getting the word out about their business.  These are small business owners who are always looking for ways to make more money.

-Write down the telephone numbers off vehicles with magnetic signs 

         on their doors.   .

-These are self employed people who have the mindset
         you're looking for.

-They think differently than most people and are always on the
         hustle to make a living just like you.

-You will have an unlimited number of prospects to call.  

-The telephone numbers are usually cell phones, so you don't have to
          worry about getting pass the gate keepers.

When you call, just simply ask if they're looking to diversify
their company, and if they are open to new opportunities.

If they say yes, invite them to your meeting or send
them your opportunity video.


If they say no, move on to the next call, you have
plenty of  prospects.

                         Cold Calling Tips 

  • When cold calling have a prepared script
  • It's not what you say but how you say it that counts.  
  • You got 10 seconds to get their attention. 
  • If you're on the phone longer  than 20 seconds, 
  • you're talking too much.
  • You must own the conversation be an authority on why you're calling.
  • Stop trying to sell; learn the art of not being interested
Cold Calling Accelerates the Process








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