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                     Heartless And Unfair

 "He ran and she shot an arrow in his back. He fell to the ground
  then she shot him in the head."

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by M LeMont

How long does it take to start reading a book after you buy it?  Some people read it right a way, while others are more organized and have a book list. But the majority of readers, I bet will let a book sit for weeks or even months before reading a single page.  Well, I have my own method of reading because I read twenty books for two minutes two seconds every day until one of them captures my attention.  It's  either by a blockbuster scene or some external happening like a book review or  something that piques my curiosity.  
Such was the case for Salby Damn by Ian Moore.  

Recently, I was reading a Twitter conversation Ian had with another author about a 1 Star review he had received.   The reviewer politely apologized for having read 30 pages of his 300-page book.  In addition, she apologized for rating the book 1 STAR.  I thought oh my God! nobody gets a 1 STAR rating, especially on the first 30 pages.  How heartless and unfair.

The reviewer said she just couldn't get through it because of grammar, spelling, and writing style. Although the action pulled her into the scenes, she couldn't read any further. She also alluded to the fact that she was a professional editor, and this was also the reason she was less tolerate.    

Now I have an uncanny ability to recognize when somebody is up to no good.

The reviewer went on to say she would be happy to review the first two chapters at no charge if he would send it to her.

Now it so happened that Salby Damn was a book I had bought four weeks ago and never read.  In an effort to show my support for a fellow AHA Author, I told Ian that I would drop all the other books I was reading and read Salby Damn.
 Well, after reading the first  100 pages I tweeted the author and told him this was a great book, and it was a blatant lie what the reviewer had said.  I told him that it was a ploy to drum up business. 

The Reviewer Strikes Again

I left a trail of bones that made it easy for the reviewer to find one of my books; Caught Up What's Done In The Dark Comes To Light.  The book had received 12 Five Stars reviews in the first three weeks. 10 US and 2 Five Stars in UK.  Well, the Reviewer strikes again.  She rated my book 1 STAR and said it was a head rush, and she couldn't get with the characters or the writing style, although she found the ending a twist and entertaining.

So why am I writing this piece?  To let you know it's all fair in love and war. And one day, it will happen to you, so don't get bent out of shape and loose sleep over it. You can take solace that what goes around comes back around again and again.  Romans: 12:19 Avenge no man, for vengence is mine saith the Lord.

Also, if you have purchased Caught Up What's Done In The Dark Comes To Light, then maybe this will pique your interest to read it. Like it did mine with Salby Damn.  
Or maybe it will pique your curiosity to purchase the book and see what's all the fuss.   Either way much is appreciated.   

Oh, by the way,
Salby Damn  is a great book and if I had to rate the first 100 pages it would receive Five Stars--grab a copy on Amazon.  

Here is the link for the Caught Up review and also for Salby Damn  
copy & paste fb.me/3nNK7SS3F 

Now, am I sure this is the same reviewer?  I'll let you be the judge.  Notice the similarities.    

Available Now Amazon: Trailer  Caught Up What's Done in The Dark Come

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