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Heartfelt Message


Heartfelt Message to Network Marketers
and Members of the Emerald Project

The debut book M LeMont The Point Of No Return 
 I violated my own mantra. "Never love somebody more than they love you." http://bit.ly/1fEPcRK 

I want to say this in print.

The message is heartfelt and straight forward.


Over the years, I have noticed that many people
promise the "moon" to get someone 
engaged in their business;
then in short order they cannot be found.

It used to "sicken" me.


Some people know exactly what mean.

his is not true with the Emerald Project. 

I want a person with certain traits to join the team: 

A person that's a bit of a renegade; not afraid to
go against industry norms; willing to accept criticism
from family and friends; and to dedicate and sacrifice 
for one year for a pot of goal that awaits at the end of the journey

I have also limited myself to work with only 5 people
every couple of months, to make sure they get the
knowledge and help they need.

With this program, it becomes powerful, the more
a person learns…
it's not about the Rah! Rah! or the
feel-good speeches that go nowhere.

We have so many experts on the team that have an
abundance of energy & talent.

These people have made their millions in other businesses,
and they now smell another fortune; and 
since the structure of
the program is unlimited levels, everyone is willing to pour their
hearts and soul
out to help everyone.  

If a person set aside their experience and work as an
apprentice or better yet a dummy for 90 days, it's likely
a sizable income can be derived.

We would be smart to utilize everyone

Two years henceforth, other people joining will not have
access to these people.   

So consider yourself privileged and well connected.   

It's like having the cell numbers to Donald Trump
or Mark Zuckerberg with permission to call
them day or nig


I have never heard any of our experts reject anyone.

None of you have to "re-invent" the wheel; they are  
skilled and willing to help anyone in anyway.

They can be your "shortcut" you have always wanted.

The recruiting you do in the next year will be the foundation
of your lifeline for the next 20 years…

Legacy money for your children for generations to come.

However, everybody is looking for instant gratification,
overnight success...this is not that type of program.

The learning curve is short if someone is willing to dig in and learn; otherwise a person just "fits in where they fit in." 

A monster tidal wave is about to hit, and the committed
people know they must make every moment count!

My wife & I are setting big goals that some
people would consider unrealistic.

However, with the resources and the experts we have
access to, I can be 10 times bolder.   


One of those goals is to utilize everybody's expertise,
willingness, and skill set to reach
those goals. 


Perhaps this is what we have always wanted; …the exact
moment and team we've been looking for … engaged
and talented guides!  

No hype, no smoke screens.... and no mirrors.

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