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Why you need to join the HTG100K ROAD TEAM

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by M LeMont

My Tweet) June 12   
The Retweet Train is more than just stats. It's about reaching a larger audience... 

TWEETS           114K

Comment:)  but is danger too...you get alot of XTRANGE accounts... #NOT_SAFE

I love the interaction with my followers it gives an opportunity to see the other side of the story--why so many people are stuck with less than a 1,000 followers.

My reply:) That is  no excuse --- #morefollowers #morerelationships = #moreopportunities  It's just that simple.

Obviously he wasn't qualified to be on the HTG100K Road Team.

Now if  you think you qualify, then join the HTG100K Road Team. Enjoy the excitement and thrills of gaining 100,000 followers--1 follower at a time.

More followers=More Opportunities to make your dreams come true

How do you join? Buy a copy of my new book HTG100K and Tweet your results live on Twitter. It's an exciting journey when the world sees you build an enormous platform right before their eyes.

Stefne Miller ‏@StefneMiller  Jun 10
.@MisterSalesman it's going great since our 1 on 1 last night. Almost 600 new followers since 9pm. Amazing!

  Thomas Warfield ‏@goodsolitaire  Jun 9
Thomas Warfield retweeted Bobbi Dixon
I only bought the big one @MisterSalesman, but it was enough to get me from 700 to 23.5K in two months! 

 Michael Christensen ‏@CaeliusStorm  Jun 9
.@MisterSalesman alright, after 48 hrs I have gotten over 1400 new followers, following the HTG100K system :) 

 Dori Anne ‏@DoriCreates  Jun 8
@MisterSalesman Taking my bow. I now have 50,000 followers. All of them interesting and lovable. Thank you Bobbi, what an encourager!!

  Jim Mckay--said it best in 1978 Wide World Of Sports.    


March 18, 2015, I officially hit 100,000 followers. On this same date a year ago, I had 3,920.  Now that's something you don't see every day.  You can verify and follow me @MisterSalesman

 What happened?

Well, in 2014 I had just published my first book The Point of No Return. The only fans I had was family and friends, which   I discovered are the worse to ask to buy your book.  I knew if I wanted to be an author I needed a fan base, and I needed it fast, so I turned to social media. 

But here's the controversy.  Most of the so called- experts said Twitter was a waste of time, and it would take too long to build a huge following. The  focus should be on writing more books and keywords for Amazon search engines. 

                        ~Pablo Picasso

So I took the quote from the poet Pablo Picasso and pasted it on my computer screen, after all, I'm a rebel scientist anyway. I was up for the challenge.

My mission: Get on Twitter and learn the rules like a pro, so I could break them like an artist, and make them 1,000 times better!  

I had logged in thousands of hours and experiments before I discovered the reasons why the majority of Twitter users were stuck at 1,000 followers. They were all doing the same things, and getting the same dismal results.  

I discovered SIX POWERFUL FACTORS that worked: Engage, Retweet, Follow, Unfollow, Follow, Tweet.

But it wasn't just the Six Powerful Factors that made the difference because everyone knew how to do them.  

It was the strategies, shortcuts, and timing that I would  develop later that made them work.  

Once I found the secret sauce, I began attracting followers by the truckload; 30 a day, 100 and then 400-600 a day. I even hit 1,000 3x.

Now I'm working feverishly to publish my 5th book How To Gain 100,000 Twitter Followers, (#payingitforward) to help as many people as I can do the same thing. 


For a limited time only--Free 1 on 1 Twittter consultation with proof of purchase.

HTG100K Available Now

Send email to: bob@mistersalesman.com (copy and paste)


Get listed on The Retweet Train follow lists for 1 full year $5 subscription. Act Now! Limited time. More details at FIVERR.com 

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