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Goal Setting


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                Why Goal Setting Doesn't Work 95% of The Time

By M. Le'Mont

I'm sure you've tried setting short-term and long-term goals
and failed miserably.

So what happened? 

Life happened. 

More than 95% of goals fail. 

What's the reason?

You could have the best opportunity in the world
and it wouldn't mean anything without COMMITMENT.

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We live in a world where everyone wants instant results.

Like a thunderous cloud bursting, we want it to rain
down money with no effort or sacrifice.

If it was that easy everyone would HAVE whatever they want
and there would be no HAVE NOT"S  in the world.

Life has a way of testing how bad you want it. 

Are you willing to do WHATEVER it takes?  

Goal setting starts with knowing "WHY" you're making
such a commitment of time and sacrifice.

That's the driving force that makes you fight
for what you want.

If your reason "why"  doesn't make you cry then it's not
BIG enough to motivate you after the enthusiasm wears off.

Lance Armstrong wanted it more than the air he breathed.

He wanted to get back on his bike after being diagnosed with cancer.

And in the movie a few good Men, when asked to quit the military,

Richard Gere said, "no, I have no place else to go."  

So before you sit down to write your goals, find out your reason "Why".  
Les Brown said it best, the "How" will always follow the "Why"
and it ain't your damn business how."


Find out what makes Joe go and the rest is just the details.

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Jim Rohn said, you must keep on keeping on if you want to succeed.  

M. Le'Mont is a writer, internet strategist and network marketing expert.
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