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Gluten Symptoms

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  Crucial Facts Your Doctor Forgot to
Mention about Gluten

By M. Le'Mont

The Big 3 toxins - Gluten, Gliadin, Soy Lecthin 
are poisoning our bodies.

After reading this article, you will know the real reason, "Why
Diets Don't Work and Eating Fast Food is Really a Bad Idea" 

"And what you thought was a Beer Belly, is really a Wheat Belly."

I want to apologize if this article offends anyone.  I wrote it
with the sincere hope, that it would awaken everyone to the dangers
that lurk in the foods we eat.  

"Like anything else in life, it's the presentation that gets your attention."
When you are aware you have options.
When you are ignorant you have none.

At the end, I will 
give you 15 symptoms and 6 ways to
control your Gluten intake.

I remember as a child we use to make paper-mache projects
for school.  We would boil 5 cups of water and then take a
bowl and mix 4 part flour and water until you get  homemade glue.

What Gluten Looks Like When You Separate it From Flour

I also remember one of my favorite dishes was chicken
and dumplings, my mother would make it a least once a month.

Later, I realized that the school project and the
chicken and dumplings were the same Gluten that's
been getting a lot of press lately.

"We have been literally gluing our insides together.

What is Gluten?

Gluten is a protein waste derived from Wheat, Barley,
Oats, Rye, and other grains.  

It is a deadly toxin that is used in our everyday staple
of foods to make the foods soft, chewy, thicker, stretchy,
fluffy, crunchy, more flavorful.  

Gluten inherently inflames intestines and bloats
other parts of the body to severe pain. 

It has been linked as the source of; Carpal Tunnel
Syndrome, Irritable Bowel Disease, Ms, and Lupus,
and much more.

The USDA Certified Gold Seal Label   

The USDA requires a Certified Gold Seal Label    
for packages of bread to assure 100% whole grain,
but it neglects to mention that the same bread contains  
high levels of

Food processors have put Gluten in virtually
everything we eat to make our staple of foods taste
better: cereal,  fried chicken, soups, mash potatoes, 
fried seafood, gravy, salad dressing, candy.
cookies, cakes,crackers, bread, hamburgers,
spaghetti, sauces, ice cream, pizza, potato chips etc.     

It's Not the Calories You Should be
Counting it's the Gluten

Obesity is an epidemic in America. There are
more people overweight and bloated than ever before,  
that includes children under 6 years old. 
Do you really know why fast food is not healthy?

t's not the burgers that you eat, it's the big buns and
fries that contain

For example, McDonald's cook their fries with a natural
beef flavor that contain Gluten.

For more information on McDonald"s, ingredients:
vegetable oil, canola oil, hydrogenated soybean oil,
natural beef flavor, wheat and milk derivatives.
The same is true for McDonald's hash browns. 

With portion sizes much larger than they were
20 years ago, Gluten
symptoms manifest at a
much faster rate. 

"So if you must eat fast food, eat the burger without 
the bun and absolutely no fries; and eat smaller portion sizes."
You'll live longer.  Glutenfree.com over 600 food items.  

To help you reduce your Gluten intake read
Gluten Free -Living Magazine


How to Identify Gluten

To identify Gluten in your food you must read the ingredients
for such names as Wheat, Flour, and Gluten, Soybean Oil  

Food manufactures also use other clever names
to disguise Gluten, like Silica and Caking agents.

Look for Gluten in everything you eat and use.

I even found Gluten in some dried packaged cranberries
and cosmetic products.

Eating Gluten in large quantities of 3 meals a day can lead
to serious health problems.

Gluten is the source and the root cause of many of diseases.

If you have any chronic diseases like Irritable Bowel Syndrome,
Cancer, MS, or Lupus, it could be related to Gluten Sensitivity.

Have you ever wondered why you feel bloated, tired,
or sleepy after a diet fast food meal?  

Gluten has an inflammatory affect that causes swelling of
the intestines and other parts of your body.  

"The body gives Warning Signs when things are not
going right but most people ignore them." 

The development of Gluten is slow and affects people differently.  
But you can detect its presence long before your doctor, because
he's not looking for it.

Take Care of Your Body, It's the Only Place You Have to Live

Did you know diseases are an accumulation of toxins that
you ingest?

Gluten is the number one toxin that you unconsciously poison
your body with everyday.

Your immune system is designed to fight off diseases and too
much medications can weaken its defenses.

But don expect to get much help from the medical
professionals, reports
show the average person
with medical insurance will spend
20 million in their
lifetime to big pharmaceutical companies,
doctors, surgeons.  

It's no wonder nobody's looking for the cause and rather
treat the symptoms.  
It's a viscous cycle of senseless unintelligence.  

A doctor  is responsible to diagnose and prescribe
medications,; a surgeon's job is to cut, a chiropractor
job is to manipulate the bones; and then scientists
get to come along and  give the diseases names,
such Carpal Tunnel, MS, and Lupus, which all could
have their origin in Gluten.

Roger Bezanis said, "At some point we will make a volunteer change
in our diet or our immune system will make an involuntarily change for us."

Gluten Ingredients - A list of Gluten ingredients of over 100 items

 Here are 6 Steps to Control your Intake of Gluten

1.  Glutenfree.com there are over 650 food options.  


2.  Read the ingredients on everything before you eat.

3.  Cut back on your portion sizes, since Gluten is in
almost everything you eat. 

4.  Buy as many Gluten free products as you can.

5.  Designate a Gluten free day at least once or twice a week

6.  When dining out ask if they have a Gluten free menu or meals.

15 Gluten Intolerance Symptoms

If you have any of these Gluten symptoms  then go Gluten
free for 2-4 weeks and see if the symptoms disappear.
Then resume eating Gluten and see if the symptoms reoccur.
It's the only way of knowing.

Copy and Send link -  http://mistersalesman.com/Glutent_Symptoms.php

1.  Abdominal pain

2.  Nutritional deficiencies due to low iron levels

3.  Bloating (hands, feet, stomach, intestines)

4.  Fat in the stools (due to poor digestion) 

5.  Aching joints

6.  Depression

7.  Eczema

8.  Head aches

9.  Exhaustion

10  Constipation

11. Irritability and behavioral changes

12. Infertility, irregular menstrual cycle and miscarriage

13. Cramps, tingling and numbness

14. Decline in dental health

15.  Diarrhea 

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M. Le'Mont is a Author, Internet Strategist and Network Marketer.

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