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Gliadin and Wheat



          Which Gets Your Attention ( Near Misses or a Direct Hit)

                        Gliadin and Gluten Deadly Killers


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        Which Gets Your Attention ( Near Misses or a Direct Hit) 
                  Gliadin and Gluten Deadly Killers


By M. Le'Mont

Okay, so what does it take to get your attention
about the toxins that you're

In the last article I discussed Gluten, the biggest killer of them

Now we have Gluten's cousin arriving on the scene
Gliadin, which is a genetically grown wheat plant created
in the

CBS Morning News broke the story in Sept. According to
Dr. William  Davis, a cardiologist, Gliadin is the Modern
Wheat "is a perfect", chronic

                               Increases Appetite

"This thing binds into the opiate receptors in your brain
and in most people stimulates appetite, such that we
consume 440 more calories per day, 365 days pe
r year."

                             Gluten Like Symptoms

And Gliadin like its cousin Gluten, is a wheat protein
that causes severe swelling of the body, weight gain,
arthritis, irritable bowel disease, and

So I pose this question to my readers, Which Gets Your
Attention (Near Misses or A Direct Hit?

If your doctor told you that you're a borderline Diabetic,
would that be enough for you to radically change your

For most people including myself, we need a Direct Hit to
get our attention.  

The only problem, it may be too late and we may not survive

                         We Are What We Eat

Recently, I had two surgeries, it took eight weeks of
severe pain to recover. (I'm still recovering as I'm writing this article

I was shocked that none of the doctors tried to find the
source or even told me about the possibility of Gluten
and it's cousin

It took a trusted friend to tell me about Gluten   
4 weeks into recovery of my first

I knew at that point, I was vulnerable so I 
became very health

I realized it took 10 years to build the twin towers and  
less than 1 minute to destroy it.... and unless I took action
the same thing was going to 
happen to

The immune system is design to fight off diseases and
it doesn't need any long-term help from

Doctors prescribe medications and surgeons cut,
treating the effects and not the cause, thus 
weakening the Immune

"Take Care of your body, it's the only place you have to live."

CBS Morning News, according to Doctor Williams,
"the wheat we eat these days isn't the wheat your

It's an 18-inch tall plant created by genetic
researching the 60's and

So why don't the government make the farmers
stop producing this toxic genetic

It stimulates economic growth and helps the
farmers with less

Now I hope you realize - Nobody's going to take
care of you but

Glutenfree.com has over 600 food items.

When you are aware of the foods you eat, you
have options what you want to

But if you are ignorant, you have no options.

You are at the mercy of  those that poison your
food for personal

Even a dumb cow knows when he eats something
at the top of the hill and gets sick, he knows to stop
g there.  

Let's stop eating wheat and whole grain products and
the farmers and the government will get the

Together we can make a difference.  

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