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I Can Help Get Your Biz Social

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by M LeMont

The on-line publication the Review Examiner can bring life to your old and forgotten articles and blogs. So, much so, I wish I could purchase the ones that I tweet every day for free.

Most writers don't care about blogs that they wrote a year ago.  But there's gold in them there hills--black gold,
Texas crude– Y'all.  

The shelve life of a blog is a week or until the writer makes another post. What a terrible waste of energy and resources.  When I write an article, I write it to last forever, with a few tweaks along the way.

If you have a blog that draws 500 views a month, then you've got a winner–a cash cow that brings customers through the door.

If a visitor reads 5 of your articles, then there is a good chance they will buy something because they have confidence in you. Then if  you far exceeded their expectations, they will buy again.

A blog that is rich with solutions, that informs, or entertains can lead to sales of products and services.

1.  Books

2.  Affiliate links

3.  Sponsor ads

4.  Email list

5.  Newsletter

6.  Consultations

I Can Help Get Your Biz Social

People want information that's relevant, and they want it fast, and when it's tweeted by a credible source like the Review Examiner, folks are more inclined to click and read.

Okay, here's my pitch--c'mere, and draw close so you can hear what I'm about to tell you.

I will tweet your blog to my 137,000 followers (adding 10,000 new followers a month)  under my popular brand The Review Examiner, three times a week for 30 days, and drive a lot of traffic to your site– providing of course, you have a compelling headline that piques reader's curiosity.  

The price is so incredibly low that you can promote multiple blogs. The tweet service is only offered exclusively through FIVERR.  

So, go and dig, in the archives and find your long forgotten blogs and give it a shot.  Now, I know what some of you're thinking–good idea, but I can tweet them, myself. 

Then, my sweet dumpling, why haven't you done so? 

If you have the mindset of saving money instead of investing money, then you'll never find what works.  

Your best blogs are buried under piles of other blogs that you thought were more important. Plus, you're not excited about tweeting old stuff anyway, remember?

Okay, enough said...this is a limited offer, and the price will increase with demand. Act Fast!

Here's the link Fiverr.


I almost forgot one other thing--no book promotions. I will not, under any circumstances, tweet direct links to Amazon or links to your book or product. That's a total waste of your money, and my time.  You can't build loyal fans that way.

Fans build a relationship with you, over time by reading your writings, watching your videos, interviews, etc. Then, and only then, will you make that magic connection.



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