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Gate Keeper

By M. Le'Mont

 Cold Call Secrets- How to turn Gate Keeper into a Gold Mine

This article could have been titled "How to cold call"
or "What is a cold call", it is written for both the
novice and the experienced salesperson that wants
to know how to cold call; and how to get around the
biggest obstacle of making a Cold Call - the Gate Keeper.

These are the people that have built a fortress around
the person you want to talk with - the decision maker.

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The first Gate Keeper you encounter is usually
the individual who answers the telephone, who is
the first line of defense that gets bombarded with
sales calls every day.

Their objective when talking to a salesperson is to screen
and prevent unwanted calls from reaching corporate executives.  

The second level is the manager or personal assistant
to the decision maker.

Your goal is to get to the decision maker which is three
levels up

6 secrets "How to turn the Gate Keeper into a Gold Mine".  

Secret #1   When your opponent has the upper hand,
history has shown that the best approach is,
"Never Fight your opponent the way they want to fight".

This is shown in the Bible with David and Goliath,
and  the champion fight  Muhammad Ali vs George Foreman;  

Ali used the now-famous  Rope - A-Dope technique
to tire out the harder hitting Foreman.

Secret #2     Most sales people give up on the first Cold
Call attempt and never call back.   If your research shows
you are calling a qualified account that needs your services,
why give up after the first attempt?  

It takes on average 5 calls to reach a decision maker.
Proper use of the technique S-I-N-A-L-O-A, Safety
in numbers and law of averages can give you the
confidence you need to keep calling.  

By keeping good records 
 you can scientifically determine
the number attempts you need to make to get beyond the Gate

Secret #3   Over time you will develop a friendly
relationship with the Gate Keeper.  

Tell them something about you, your hobbies,
or job. Your goal is to find something of common
interest to make the Gate Keeper take a liken to you.

Secret #4   After several conversations, it's time to
mail out a post card explaining your company's referral program.

As you know, referrals are the life line of any business.  

You want to motivate the Gate Keeper to make a  connection.  

By now, you should be on a first-name basis.  

The post card makes them aware that they can earn
for referring clients to your company, and it
directs them to visit your website for more information.

If the referral fee is $500 and up it usually gets
them motivated to get you connected to the decision maker.

Secret #5  On your next call, you want to say something
like this, hey Lisa, this is Bob, I just wanted to see whether
you got the post card I sent you regarding our referral

Okay good, if you find someone that needs our services,
please call me. Hey, maybe you can talk to Mr. Z and see
if he would grant me a few minutes of his time?  

If your company becomes a client, then you will get the
referral fee of  $500.00.

Secret #6  The referral program is a powerful tool that
turns Gate Keepers into a Gold Mine. If you are not successful the
 first time, you should mail the same referral post card each month.  

Just like commercials people need to see it several
times before it makes an impression.

What you've learned in this article, 99.9% of other
salespeople don't know.  They stop dead in their
tracks after the first Cold Call attempt.  

You now have a huge advantage over your competition.

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