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Formatting Errors



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8 Formatting Errors Publishing E-books

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by M LeMont


After finishing my novel, I wanted to celebrate but I couldn't, not yet. I reached the dreaded point of formatting my book.
Luckily it wasn't my first rodeo, so I didn't have to scramble around in a panic. This time I had found two great books that helped me immensely and I wanted to share both of them with my fellow authors.

The first book is written by Jessica Bell, Polish Your Fiction A Quick & Easy Self-Editing Guide. It is a must have book for any published author.  Although the title signifies that it's about polishing up your book & self-editing; it also deals with formatting issues like the ones listed below.

The Kindle Formatting Bible: How to Format your Ebook for Kindle by Carson-Knowles,Tom  

Formatting Errors Publishing E-books

1.   Improper Indents–never hit the tab button
2. Paragraph returns no more than 4 line spaces
3.   Copyright notices don't forget to include
4.   Font size nothing bigger than pt 16
5. Be consistent with font style through out
6. Use block paragraphs
7. Use the em dash–instead of the en - dash and use hyphens--for dashes.
8. Line Spaces

          B00KN1HTKA                              B00AHO9R1M

    Polish your Fiction           The Kindle Formatting Bible

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