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Five Common Fears


                              10 Most Common Fears You Can Overcome

                     "Do Something Today You are Afraid to Do" 

By M. Le'Mont

Although the fear of joining a network marketing  
company didn't make the Top 10, there is real wealth potential  
in overcoming the fear.

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Here are the Top 10 Common Fears according to
Google Keyword search.

1. Fear of Flying

2.  Fear of Public Speaking

3. Fear of Heights

4.  Fear of the Dark

5.  Fear of Death

6.  Fear Intimacy 

7.  Fear of Failure

8.  Fear of Rejection

9.  Fear Spiders

10. Fear of Commitment

Most fears are based on lack of knowledge.  

And the best way to overcome fear is to attack it head on.

I had a fear about having anesthesia, until I was forced recently
to have surgery.

I later discovered, it was the best sleep I ever had.

The acronym F.E.A.R. False Evidence Appearing Real

As a kid I was scared whenever there was a thunderstorm. 
I was so terrified, I got in the bed with my parents.

This lasted until 
I was 8 and then one day my
father took me outside during a
thunder storm
and we stood on top of the roof.

My father proved to me there was nothing
to fear but fear itself.

Recently, my sister on her 59th birthday, went sky
diving becauseshe was scared of flying and heights.

She knew the only way to overcome that fear was to hit it head on.

In my search for the 10 most common fears, I was quite
surprisedthat the fear of Failure and the fear of Rejection
was #7 and #8 on the list.

Both are probably the worse fears to deal with, because
Failure and Rejection are all around us and comes in many 
different forms. 

On the surface, you don't like people telling you "no" but if you
were paid $100 every time you got rejected or you failed
you would grow to like it.

The best way to overcome fears is to attack them head on.... 
that's the only way the boogie man will go away. 


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