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First 100,000 Visitors



      How to Get Your First 100,000 On-line
Visitors in Less Than Six Months

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By M. Le'Mont

The first question that comes to mind, what is so significant about 100,000 visitors?   

Well, it's the start of what some internet gurus call the point of no return, and some mathematicians refer to as the Law of Large Numbers. 

When you have 100,000 pieces of matter vibrating in a centralized place and in
a small space of time, you have the right conditions for a disturbance of a third kind.

The numbers indicate a disturbance of a viral nature and the likelihood of an occurrence.

Facebook has over 800 million users, but If you ask Mark Zuckerberg what was
the breakthrough number for Facebook, 
he would probably tell you the first
100,000 Visitors and  even tell you what he was doing when it happened.

When you hit 100,000 Visitors, it means there were certain  
elements in place and in motion to make it happen.

Those elements are the steps that I'm going to give you.  
But for it to have a huge impact it must be done in the shortest 
span of time.

Who wants to hit 100,000 visitors in 10 years, it's not meaningful
or significant, you get the point?

So here are the 8 Steps that you must become proficient at 
if you want to get 100,000 Visitors in less than Six Months.

1.  You must set a goal of 100,000 Visitors, and believe you
     can do it.

2. You must write quality content that your readers enjoy.
    A good article should generate at least 500 page views a
    month; an average time on site over 2 minutes;
    Bounce rate should be less than 65%.

3. Keyword Search- It's not what you think.  You must know
    what the people are searching for on the search engines.  
    Then make a product or solution to solve their problems.

4.  Keyword Search SEO- In order for visitors to find your
     site, you must know the keywords they are using and then
     include them in your Headline, body, and description.

5.  Learn to write Killer Headlines like the Tabloids.  Headlines
     are what draws the visitor to read the first line of your article
     and if it is remarkable they will skim the rest of it for the gems.

6.  Write at least one article a week. When you have 50 articles
     on your website or blog that your visitors love to read, and are
     optimized for search engines, you will see web or blog traffic begin to
     double, triple, and quad triple.

7.  Use Tweet Adder an automatic software to  help build and
     manage your on-line community.  Tweet Adder will automatically
     get Twitter followers and announce headlines of your content with
     links back to your website.

8.  You must track and monitor your web or blog traffic to know what
     is working and what is not.  Google has a free tracking software
     Google Analytics.

In conclusion, as you become more proficient with these 8 steps and your knowledge increases, your blog traffic will start having one EXPLOSIVE Day after Another!

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