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Falling Apart


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           How to Know When Your Network
           Marketing Business is Falling Apart


by M. Le'Mont

How bad is it, I see that look on your face?  

It's bad I wish I had built you a stronger ship.  

Remember what I told you about the life boats,
then get to one as soon as possible.

Make sure not to tell anyone because I don't want to
be responsible for a panic.


As it was with the Titanic, you have to know when
it's falling apart with your network marketing business, and
when it's time to head for the life boats.

I have a lot of sympathy for newbies just getting
their first taste of MLM.  

I also have a lot of empathy for the season pros
that did their due diligence and still came up short.   

It's difficult to research a company from the
outside because there's so much crap on the
Internet about every company.

Where is the free trial, if the company is really
as good as, they say it is?  

Then you could research it from the inside.

Now you can use my Six Point Acid test, but many
of the companies wouldn't measure up, but it would
save you time and money.

So the only way to know is to get in the game and
spend about six months inside the company.

Here are 5 Warnings Signs that things are
falling apart and it's time to head for the life boats.

1. How many people attend the opportunity

2.  How many of the people in attendance are 
on your team?   

3.  How many of the people are new prospects?  

4.  And how many of those new prospects
did you invite?

Now if your answer to those questions is
ZERO then you're in trouble.

You're helping the people at the top  
motivate their downline by filling up the room.

So either get you some people to attend
the meetings or head for the life boats.

The company designed the comp plan on
people quitting 85% of the time (Breakage)
that's why they charged an 
entry fee 
for a distributor's kit that's worth less than $20. 

Like Vegas an MLM  wins 85% of the time to stay in business.

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