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  Shh! KISS ME BABY Available Now  

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Thursday Book Excerpts ALL DAY MARATHON--authors tweet excerpts from your book.  Links retweeted to 134K+ followers.

Excerpts pique the curiosity of readers and let them taste   what's inside your book. Now you can showcase your  excerpts on the Retweet Train  platform of 134,000+ followers, growing at a rate of 10,000 new followers a month.


Thursday Book Excerpts 8 Rules

1.  You must Follow @MisterSalesman

2. Use Hashtag #TBE1

3. No book covers are allowed.

4.  "Use quotation marks" before and at the end of excerpts.   

5.  Add link to your book or website

6.  No blurbs or book promotions

7.  Beta test excerpts you want to include in upcoming release or add to existing book.

8.  Tweet your most salivating excerpts ALL DAY & ALL NIGHT THURSDAY.   


 Now, let me give you a taste of what I'll be tweeting on Thursday Book Excerpt All Day Marathon. 

               Shh! Kiss Me Baby excerpts

You might remember "Buddy Brown" from M Le'Mont Caught Up. Well, he's back...starring in Shh! Kiss Me Baby.

If you had the chance would you date a Millionaire Playboy? The sassy diva Mary Jane did and went a little too far. 

The Drama...begins

I'm not impressed with a man that comes at me first with a job title. I started to ask him, is that all you got, millionaire playboy? amzn.to/13hN12R  

If I had the time I would give him a taste of what a real woman is and what his money can't buy.  ~Mary Jane 


And Mary Jane...hmm... that sassy diva...thought she could change him. Players only love you when they're playing. amzn.to/13hN12R  

Look at you...you're wearing a bow tie and apron. Oh My God! Where are the rest of your clothes? Shh! Kiss Me Baby amzn.to/13hN12R  

I want us to be dressed alike tonight, So here's your bow tie. I want you to wear it, I want you to wear only it, except this apron. amzn.to/13hN12R  

Real men are gentlemen and real women appreciate it. Shh! Kiss Me Baby amzn.to/13hN12R  

Why do I desire you so much? I don't want to waste another minute not thinking about you. amzn.to/13hN12R  

I love you already, please don't drive me crazy. amzn.to/13hN12R  

Shame on me for changing and shame on you for
staying the same. amzn.to/13hN12R  

You don't get it, do you?  There's nothing you can do to impress me. I'm impressed because I love you...that's it.  


My red Lamborghini attracted more attention than Mary Jane...well almost. Mary Jane was pretty, sexy and just flat out beautiful.

Look at the wheels on "dat" car.  Who's car is that?

On the streets, you learned to avoid the first sign of trouble. We walked and got a little closer...we heard the chatter.

Look at "dat" woman. Who's woman is that?  amzn.to/13hN12R  

The second sign of trouble...usually unavoidable.

holding 9mm; 
"Give me your wallet and your woman's purse...motherfucker!"  amzn.to/13hN12R  

The first thing you do is hit em fast and hit em hard and then you keep on hitting em...down he goes. Hell, he was lucky...he was still breathing.

Then I dragged him  to the front of my car...What name is on that license plate? 

He said, "Buddy Brown."
  And who's woman is that?  "Buddy Brown." 

Now the next time you want to fuck with somebody know who the fuck you're fucking with. "Yes sir"

Now give me your wallet and that fucking jacket you're wearing...now get the fuck out of here.

I don't care what you think--I want Beyonce Knowles & DenzelWashington to star in this movie. amzn.to/13hN12R  

Anybody can read Kindle books—even without a Kindle—FREE app for phones, tablets and computers. 

Okay so let me get this straight...you met Mary Jane at a rodeo?  

No...no that's not how it happened.   I met her at the MGM Grand but t
hat has nothing to do with it. 

You are screenwriter, aren't you?

Yes, I am. One of the best in the country.

Do you think you can tell my story?

I'm sure I can.

Then I'm going to tell you about my life and everything that happened to Mary Jane.  I don't know if the doctors are going to save her, so I don't have a lot of time. I want the story told while she's still living.

It was the night she was injured;  Where is she?

Who?" the nurse said.  

Mary Jane..."Where is she!"  I saw her lying there blood soaked bandages wrapped around her head and tubes down her throat.  I screamed, "Mary Jane I'm here baby!

Of all the women that I took to the dance, she was the only one that would have stayed until the end.

The only one, sir?  amzn.to/13hN12R  

Yes, the only one and I never told her that I loved her.


And now, I want the story told....  


Shh! Kiss Me Baby Available Now 



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