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Employee Turnover


                    10 Ways To Improve Employee Turnover  

By M. Le'Mont

Employee turnover is a big concern
for many companies.

The process of hiring and training employees is
expensive, and the hidden costs will continue
to escalate unless proper attention is given.


Recently, I discovered a business concept that
help employees make money when they spend money.

It's better than a 401k plan and better than a raise.  

And it costs you NOTHING, while also creating a
second revenue stream for your business.

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 10 Ways to Retain Employees 

1.  MMFI   Imagine MMFI stamped on the forehead 
of each employee. "Make Me Feel Important"  

2. Recognition- Once a month have a 
"You made it Happen Meeting" to recognize employees
for doing an exceptional job in various aspects of 
your company.

3. Buy breakfast for employees everyday. 

4. Buy lunch for employees everyday.

5. Give keys to your company to employees 
with at least 2 years experience.  


Keep an open mind

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6. $2 Bill- Reward employees with a $2  bill for
being nice to a customer or any other worthy event.  

Catch them doing something good!

7. Recognize employees on their birthdays with a cake or $20.

8. Recognize employees anniversary
hiring date with a cash bonus $25

9. Gas Allowance; give a gas allowance for employees
that are on time everyday. Reward with cash $5- 10.00.  

10.   Morning greeting: Shake hands with employees at
the door when they arrive in the morning.

Remember to make your organization unique and different.

Create an atmosphere that makes people want to be there.

M. Le'Mont is a writer, and expert network marketer,
and internet strategist.
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