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Email Sales Letter

  What is the single best method of marketing?
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Date: Fri, May 10, 2013 4:06 am
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Quick quiz - this is not a trick question, so just answer

this quickly without over thinking it:

In today's market, what is the single most effective 
method of online marketing? 

If you're like most people, you'd answer social media...
or video marketing... or mobile marketing... or blogging... 
or article writing... or pay-per-click... or some newly 
minted marketing tactic or technology.

But you'd be wrong on all counts.

You see, THE most effective form of online marketing
is email. It has been for the past 15 years and it will
continue to be for years to come.

Need proof?

Think about how you find out about someone's
Youtube channel. They send you an email to tell
you all about it!

How do you discover a new blog? Nearly always,
it's by email.

How does someone get you to like their Facebook
page? By sending you an email.

When a marketing expert has a new program to
launch that shows you how to market on LinkedIn,
Pinterest or Instagram, how do they tell you about
it? Yep, by sending you an email.

Here's an even more important fact about email

Email is great for alerting your customers and
prospects about new content or new offers.

BUT - and this is extremely important - what most
people don't know is that email can also be used 
to sell directly to your prospects and customers,
right from that email.

Email Sales Letters (emails that sell directly to your 
customers) have made me a small fortune. And 
understanding exactly how to create and use them 
is vital to improving your profits for two reasons:

Reason 1 - There's a real art to this that no one seems
to understand, including some of the highest paid 
copywriters in the industry. So it really is a mystery 
until you understand my simple formula. 

Reason 2 - It makes life SO much easier when you 
can sell this way. Imagine selling products and 
services ranging from $7,500 to $35,000 with nothing 
more than an email. Instead of slaving over a sales 
letter or a series of videos that take weeks to create, 
I can have my "email sales letters" out and bringing 
in profits in about 90 minutes.

By the way, while it's great for selling high-ticket items,
it works like a charm for selling low and medium priced
products too.

Here's a real-time case study

A couple months ago, I rolled out a small test of 
another "email sales letter". Within one week, it 
brought in $41,892, most of which was profit.

Now, that might not seem earth shattering, but this
was just a small test. More importantly, it gave me 
the data I needed to now ramp this up to where it 
will lock in six to seven-figures in sales over the next 
12 to 18 months.

Plus, don't forget, I got paid $41,892 just by conducting 
this test.

Now, the money this brought in already and will 
continue to bring in is great, but here's the BEST 

It takes almost no time to write these sales gems!

As you may know, I cut my teeth in marketing as
a direct response copywriter. And I've written one
of the best-selling courses on copywriting of all
time, called "Power Copywriting for the Internet".
Even though it was written 12 years ago, if you
do a quick search, you'll still find over 85,700 
references to it on Google.

But even with all this experience, writing a complete 
sales letter - or a series of sales videos - is a grueling 
experience. It easily takes me between one to four 
weeks to complete a sales letter or sales video series.

But my "email sales letters" are a completely different 
story. They take me anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes 
to write. And the results they produce blows away 
anything I get from the conventional forms of sales 
letters or sales videos.

So what does all of this mean to you?

After having perfected and used this powerful
"email sales letter" format for more than ten years,
I'm now making it available for the first time to
a select group of people. 

In August, I'm going to be hosting a very small
hands-on workshop where I'll personally teach
my ESL formula to just 6 people. I'm keeping this 
workshop very small, because I'm going to go deep 
with each person individually to make sure you 
master the entire formula.

What's more, I guarantee that you'll go home
with a major winner that you've written simply
by following my formula. Heck, you might even
knock out a number of high-profit winners
while you're here. 

That's how quickly you can put this powerful
and completely unique formula to work. And
equally important, by working with just a
handful of people to make sure you master
this process at a deep level, you'll always
be able to quickly produce a winning email
sales letter whenever you need to.

Why you'll need to sign a confidentiality
agreement to attend this workshop

As I mentioned earlier, dozens of leading
experts have asked me how I can possibly
sell high-ticket products and services with
nothing more than email.

But I've never shared the answer with anyone.

Up until now, I've kept it a closely guarded
secret and I'm not about to let it out so it
can become the next "shiny object" everyone
is using.

Instead, I'm going to carefully protect the
formula, which means that in order to attend
this workshop, you'll be required to sign and
adhere to a confidentiality agreement stating
that you will not share this formula with anyone.

Enrollment is by application only

Because I'm limiting the attendance to no more
than 6 people and I'm carefully screening who
gets admitted to this workshop, enrollment is
by application only.

On top of that, you must submit some
pre-application information before I send you
the complete application. The pre-application 
information I need from you is simple. It should 
only take you a couple of minutes to put together 
and send to me. 

The fee for the ESL workshop is $10,500. And if
you qualify after I review your pre-application
information, along with the full application
you'll need to fill out, you'll also be asked to 
submit a $1,000 deposit. This is so I can 
sort out who is truly serious and who isn't.

However, if you aren't accepted or you decide
not to attend once you are accepted, your 
$1,000 will be refunded in full. I'm not asking
for the deposit to make money, but simply
to eliminate anyone who isn't really serious
about this.

How to submit your pre-application information

If you'd like to be considered for this workshop,
here's the information I need from you, which
you can submit by sending it to:


> Your name
> Your company name
> Your address
> Your phone number
> Your web site url
> The products or services you sell (or want to
sell) with your Email Sales Letters
> Your level of marketing knowledge
(from 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest)

Once you send me this pre-application information,
I'll get back to you within 48 hours and let you know
whether or not you should submit the complete
application and make your $1,000 deposit.

And if you are accepted, it won't be long before
you can burn through writing a powerful email
sales letter in just 60 to 90 minutes that will 
outsell and outperform anything else you've
ever used.


Bob Serling

2039 Bruceala Court, Cardiff, CA 92007, USA

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