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MORE is good....The advantage of LARGE numbers

          Something Magical happens at 100,000

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by M LeMont 

Something Magical happens at 100,000, don't ask me what or why. It just happens and sometimes sooner. It's the LAW OF LARGE NUMBERS. Take, for example, what happened to Patrick with 37,000+ followers.  

From @Patrick50809510-March 22

@MisterSalesman I was hired as an eBay consultant yesterday for a company that just designed a new line of products. I guess my Web presence is valuable:)  

A classic in economic thought:

Gordon Gekko's famous Wall Street Speech:  

Greed is Good  

Well, I say that MORE is good.

The Law of Large Numbers-The BIGGER amount in a short period equals MORE OPPORTUNITIES.

Scientists have known this fact for years.  Thomas Edison said he never failed he just found 10,000 ways that didn't work.
He knew that the MAGIC was in the numbers; 100,000 experiments, would present new discoveries that he wasn't looking for.  


We like to pioneer, we like to explore, we like to go down dark alleys and see what's on the other side, and sometimes they open up into city streets with big lights. ....  "We Love To Invent. We love to pioneer. ~ Jeff Bezos 

                                               Quality Book Trailers

I've already found several excellent opportunities on my way to 100,000 followers that I didn't expect.  A
project with Lomond films for quality book trailers at reasonable prices.  Imagine running a FREE commercial for 24 HOURS /7 days a week.  @theleecrompton 

I was on the lookout for a good proofreader and wordsmith.  Notice the second word "wordsmith", now that's  something most authors don't consider.  Someone that could polish up your book with the right words and make it shine.  


I found Andrea proofreading. The bio; proofreader and wordsmith, hmm a collector of words, huh?  That's what I was looking for. We forged a relationship.  Now authors can have the best of both worlds--a proofreader and wordsmith at affordable prices.

These are just a few of the things that I've discovered. I'm excited about the opportunities that the next 100,000 will bring.

If you share in this mindset
then join the 100,000 Elite CLUB.   Over the next year, I want to stir things up and help as many as I can to gain 100.000 followers.  

But I'm only looking for a few serious minded individuals.  I'm not
looking for anyone who wants something for nothing. It requires a daily commitment; work the strategies taken from my new 
book for a year. 
Sorry, my sweet dumpling this one's not for you.
You can catch the next train. 

If you think that you fit the mold then send me an email MLemont.com and say "I want to join the 100,000 Elite Club." Copy and paste Email address (Sorry, for the inconvenience, but when you want something bad enough you don't mind going the extra mile).  

 Get listed on The Retweet Train follow lists for 1 full year $5 subscription. Act Now! Limited time. More details at FIVERR.com 

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