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Effortless Recruiting



                                             Effortless Recruiting

by M. Le'Mont

I noticed that the Emerald team's lifeline has
grown to 149 members.


Just a few months ago we were sitting at 34.

Now I want to show you how we can grow it to
literally thousands by this time next year with some
effortless recruiting.

It took 60 seconds for the cashier at
local grocery store to 
ask if I wanted to enroll for
their "free" in-store rewards card.

Do you hear me sixty seconds?

It didn't bother her one bit that I politely said no, because 
it took no effort for her to ask me.

Can you imagine how many thousands of people
you could enroll in your business if you adopted
a similar

Everyone knows 2 or 4 people that trust
you enough
enroll without the colossal
task of trying to sell them

Nobody likes to be sold.

After all, how can you sell somebody
something when it's

We're not in the business of trying
to convince

Enroll first and then educate.

Develop a SIXTY SECOND pitch that piques

How would you like to make money on money
you already spend?

Now that's  a powerful question!

Did you buy something yesterday?

Will you buy something today?

What if I showed you a program where you can
turn your expenses
income, would that be
of some interest to

And it costs you nothing!

Okay fill out the back side of the business card
and you will get a personalized website 
and a
video will pop up and explain everything.

I will contact you in a few days and get you started.

If you're talking to someone without the enrollment
form then assume they want to join.

As someone told me, I can't imagine anyone not
joining a program that's "
free" with inexhaustible
income possibilities.

It's simple and easy to duplicate.

Thousands and thousands of people will join 
if you master the art of effortless recruiting and
then teach them how to do the same

Until that day...make every moment count!

If you're looking for an income opportunity
where there is no entry fee, no products
to buy, and no annual dues then watch
this 2 minute VIDEO.

We do not sell, distribute or share personal information.


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