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E-Mail Campaigns


              What You Should Do With Those
              Annoying Email Campaigns
             "Don't trash them, learn from them."

    M LeMont The Point Of NO Return The Book Cover says it all. Mischief, Infidelity, Cheating  It Could Happen to you!  

By M. Le'Mont
I know you're bombarded with a lot of email campaigns, but you shouldn't be in such a rush to discard them.  

There's something you can learn from every email:  how to write
a sales letter, writing style, headlines, subject line, page layout, etc.

If you like to study this sort of thing like I do, then take a look
at some of the email campaigns I subscribe to, and if you see a benefit subscribe at the the marketer's website.  

This is not a solicitation, it's my own personal collection.

Private Email Campaigns

1. Peter-The Art of turning money into more money

2. Peter Sandeen's Already Making a Profit

3. 21 days to Ebook  

4. The Turnaround Guy 

5. What You Wish You Knew

6. Bob Serling's Accidental Profits

7.  Redirect Your Spending and Get Rich

8.  The Information Business Is Dying

9.  Junk Writing

10. Branding

11.  Ad Posting Software

12.  Comp Plans

13.  How Always and Nevers Hold You Back

14.  Prospect Outside the Box

15.  Avoid Mistakes your Competitors Make

16.  How to Sign up 5 New Customers a Month

17.  Microwaved Candy bars (marketing Lesson)

18.  Weird Unsubscribes

19.  Mind Readers

20.  Get Rolling with Affiliate Programs

21.  Home Page Dilemma 

22.  How to Write An Email Sales Letter

23.   An Endorsement for Cold Calling

24.   How to Choose a Domain Name

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