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Double Down

Subject:    Double Down
From:    bob@refermycompany.com 
Date:    Thu, Sep 12, 2013 9:00 am
To:            Emerald Team

Emerald Project- Get the word out!

Good morning team,

In poker when you believe you have a winning
hand you double down the bet.

In basketball they double down and get the
ball to the player with the hot hand.

A corporation doubles down on a  product that shows
evidence it will score big, they commit more time and money.

If, we were smart, we would do the same thing with the
business opportunity we have.

We know that we have privileged information that
few people know about, but that window of
opportunity is slowly closing.

Worldwide membership is approaching 4 million.

The company's six year forecast is 350,000,000 members worldwide.

Making us the BIGGEST company in the world.  
BIGGER than Exxon, Apple, Google.   

How many of those members can you recommend if you
double down your time and effort?

US membership this month will hit 100,000!

It won't be long before we hit 300,000, 500,000
or a MILLION members in the US.

So from that standpoint there's enough evidence
that suggest that you should double down your bet 
before it becomes Obvious to everyone else.

Double Down means to eliminate the things that's
holding you back.  

Bad Habits
Negative people

Double Down requires that you kill off some of your
darling little habits, that distract you from working on
the one opportunity that can change your life dramatically.

PRIORITIZE what's important and what's not.

When you know what you have,
double down and give it all you got!

Learn your business
Read Emerald team daily emails
Attend Leadership meetings
Promote your business
Enroll Everyday
Redirect Spending
Train your team to do the same 

Double Down means INCREASED


Until that day... make every moment count!  

If you want information about doubling down on a
new business concept that has the ear marks of something

BIG then request a 15 minute video. Click Here. 

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