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Don't call the Sheriff

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 How to engage in a heated conversation on Twitter without calling the Sheriff

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by M LeMont

So the million dollar question is how do you handle negative conversations on Twitter?  There are three things you can do, Ignore, Block, or Engage.  Now that sounds like a scene for Karate Kid.  

Well, for me I never run from a good fight. I engage because it's the first rule of the Six Powerful Factors in my HTG100K book. If done right, negative conversations will attract more followers. Sure I lose a few who's reading the thread, but it lets everyone draw the line--and the ones left standing are my true followers.  Does that make sense?  At some point, you've got to know who's with you and who's against you. You can't continue to gain a MILLION followers without knowing who's your Tribe.   So pick your battles.

Where are you going?  It's too quiet, I'm going to pick a fight. 



When I engage in a heated conversation, I usually go a round or two, say a few things that are beneficial to all, and then find a way out. Sometimes it can get pretty ugly--but the main thing is keep your composure and never let them see you sweat, even when they call you an idiot.  It's like the conversation, I had the other day on Twitter.

The individual who I will refer to as JackBean made a comment regarding a blog that I wrote.  But like most people, he only read the tweet, and not the article. More than 80% of people who make comments do the same thing. It can be quite embarrassing. I usually say something like, "Thanks for your comment. Dig a little deeper--read the article and get back with me."  But this time, the conversation went awry. 

The following  conversation is unedited. The names were changed to protect the innocent, whoever they may be.

Here's the tweet that got ole Jack hotter than a firecracker.

Take No Days Off-- Work harder than anybody else-- don't sleep--let them sleep-- keep working! http://ow.ly/NWHLH 

JackBean comment:) @MisterSalesman This is poor advice. Adequate sleep and rejuvenation is essential to peak performance. Work smarter, not harder.

Me:)   it's not advice -- it's a philosophy to get you off your ass and do something remarkable!

JackBean:) My patients prefer that I be well-rested and nourished before "getting off my ass" at all times of the day and night.

Me:) Then make them see the light ---put them to work!


JackBean:) @MisterSalesman You're an idiot. I'm an orthopaedic trauma surgeon. My patients are barely breathing and you want to have them mow the lawn?

Now, I really didn't like being called an idiot. I mean, who would? But, I let the good doctor, slide.  I continued to pour it on.

Me:)Work smarter. Work harder than anybody. Don't eat---let them eat. Don't sleep--let them sleep. Keep thinking & keep working!

If you want to be a champion--you must strain every inch of your body until it cries for mercy. Train your mind and body to work and think like a champion!

Enter Dougie Poo into the fray.

Dougie Poo :)  Who mentioned mowing the lawn? I must of missed a bit.

Me:) I don't remember anyone mentioning mowing the lawn. I think Jack was tired and needed some sleep:)P

JackBean:)  It was suggested, in a now deleted tweet, that I make my patients "see the light" and "put them to work".

Dougie Poo:) Really? What do you say @MisterSalesman , is this #LazyGate!!!    

Me:) never deleted, find it and read it for yourself. Then let's go have a Bud together, and as the good doctor said,  we can mow the grass. Lol!

Dougie Poo:) I think your original point of never giving up is a good one. But if you have no arms then quit arm wrestling

Me:) LMAO! I think Jack's been up all night.  

Dougie Poo:) You can't make an omelette without breaking some bones.

JackBean:) I was up at 4:00 EDT putting some asshole w BAC=236 back together. When either one of you can do that, tell me!

Dougie Poo:) You're very aggressive for a healer. You're also assuming that I'm not doctor. Which I'm not, but still.....

It's time to settle everyone down.

Me:) Doc, I think you're doing a fine job. I take my hat off to you. The blog is to motivate and encourage people not to quit.  

Even surgeons need motivation & encouragement the blog is a philosophy, not advice. Never give up. Never. 

Some folks are offended by the way I write but like you, I've done more good to help people than not. 

Closing time 

Me:) Thank both of you for some early morning interaction. And doctor, I love ya man! Keep up the good work. 


JackBean:) Be well. God bless.

Dougie Poo:) I think we're in different time zones. See ya later.  

How do you handle negative conversations on social media? Make a comment on Twitter


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