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Don't Get Drunk

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A Search For Freedom Can Lead You Anywhere,
But Don't Get Drunk On A Dream


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 by M LeMont

I've done and seen it all; from network marketing, stock market, direct sales to marketing over the internet. And now I'm in the self-publishing business--the next big thing since the .com era--the biggest scam of them all.

Remember when every company had .com after their name, to give the illusion they were something that they weren't. Well, the same thing is happening today with self-publishing.  Nearly everyone knows how to read. Soon everyone will know how to self-publish.

There over 800 e-books published every day.  Authors are getting drunk on a dream. They think they're going to sell a million books when it's nothing but a smoke screen and mirrors. It's an illusion--now you see it, and now you don't.

"Every industry has the pie in the sky hit the lottery get rich overnight hopes and dreams."

It's a shame that we can't get accurate information what authors can realistically  earn.  Amazon and other publishing companies do not disclose author earnings or book sales.  So it's hard for new authors to manage their expectations and realistic goals. 

The best approach-- don't get caught up in the hype that you're going to make killing on Kindle.  The easy money is gone--the pond is over crowded and everyone's got a book.

Hype#1 Best Selling Author on Amazon doesn't mean what you think.  It means #1 in Category. It doesn't have to equate to a lot of sales. Thirty or so sales on a new release could easily earn that prestigious title.  And what happens when the book slowly descends into the abyss? Does the author still refer to himself as a Best Selling Author?    

Now I hope you're not surprised by that...it's not shocking....yet! 

I've uncovered three blogs where authors were straightforward about how much they're earning.  Rachel Thompson How Much An Author Can Realistically Expect To Make.  Part One and Part Two and Amanda Hocking's Blog .   

And by far, the best information on Author Earnings is the  7K blog  blog by Hugh Howey.

   Be so good they can't ignore you. ~Steve Martin

So guys and gals it all boils down to this:  Write because you love it and be so damn good, one day they want to pay you for it.

Now if you want more startling information check out my new book Coming 2015,   Don't Write To Be Famous, Write Like You're Already Famous

The self-publishing game has changed...it's not the same as it was in 2010. To be a successful author requires a new way of thinking, writing and publishing. My new book is chock full of revolutionary writing and marketing ideas. 

Of course, it's not for everyone. It's for readers who are not afraid of breaking the rules and fear of rejection and criticism. 

Please let me know if this information was helpful.  Make live comments on Twitter @MisterSalesman.

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