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Digital Sharecropping


             6 Ways How to Digital Sharecrop and One Smart Idea

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By M. Le'Mont

The business of sharecropping on someone else's
land is becoming pretty popular these days with the
advent of the internet.

The definition of Sharecropping- an old term referring
 to a financial arrangement  between the land owner  
and the tenant farmer, who is plowing the land and
making it more valuable for the landlord.

When you elect to build a business on a social media
 site or with a network marketing company,  you are
virtually operating as the tenant and the company is the landlord.

And with any Landlord and Tenant situation, the tenant has  
no control over the policies, changes in  compensation plans,
rent, products, or services.

You are at the mercy of the landlord that's why many people become homeowners instead of renters-they got tired of the landlord raising the rents and not fixing the repairs.    

 6 ways How to Digital Sharecrop and One Smart Idea   

1.     Understand the risk

2.    Take on the venture as a project and not as a  business.  
      Projects always have a beginning and an end b
do too, but most people run them as they're going to last forever.

3.   Select the right landlord to sharecrop on their land -
      Network Marketing,  Social Media, Search Engines
      and are good examples of Digital Landlords.

4.   Find the fastest way to monetize your business and get
       your product or  service to market.

5.    Risk Reward Ratio- measure the risk of capital and effort to                    expected rewards.

6.    Timing-  Join a company that is not yet obvious
       to the masses.  Early Internet marketers made a fortune by                 getting in early.

One Smart Idea- Consumer Transaction Business

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