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How to Be Smart When Your Electric Company Thinks You're Dumb

by M. Le'Mont

It's spreading across the country, deregulation of the
energy markets.
 Congress mandated all states to be
deregulated by 2015.  

What does that mean for consumers?

Deregulation means the busting up of monopolies- creating
competition and lower prices.  

It also creates opportunity for entrepreneurs 
in the $500
billion dollar customer acquisition business.   


Pennsylvania's customers have seen an average price
decrease of 30 percent and a switch rate of over 40%.  

However,  60% of Penn's consumers remain with
the incumbent electric provider, reluctant to make a change, 
believing they would get better service and eventually lower rates.  

           What You Don't Know Can Hurt You

-Under deregulation, the Incumbent electric provider will always  have the highest prices.  

-Incumbent electric provider must wholesale energy to other
at a lower rate that is predetermined by the States.

- Incumbent electric provider must continue to provide service for power
outages to all competitor's customers.

- All customers have the same same priority status for service work
 and power outages.

-Incumbent electric provider must provide billing for all customers to competitors.  

- The only thing that changes for the customer is the bill with the
new electric 
provider's name, address, and telephone number.

It's a sweet deal for everyone.   

                Customer Switch Rate Improves

According to consumer surveys taken 4 years after
35% of consumers left the incumbent provider
as sentiment changes to a more consumer accepted product.  

By 2012 Texas had a 65% switch rate followed by Pennsylvania with 45%. 

                    Non-Deregulated States

There are only 15 states currently deregulated. so in the meantime,
how can consumers fight against high electric bills in non deregulated states?  

e Energy Mizer by EMS Energy Management Systems  guarantees
 to save consumers up to 20% on their electric bills. 

The Houston mayor speaks out about deregulation,
after the first two years.

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