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Credit Credit Mistakes



Credit Repair!  3 Common Mistakes

Lesson Two

Mistake# 1
  The use of online dispute forms. Do Not use
online forms.
  They allow the Bureaus to be more efficient
an eliminate steps in the verification process.

Since they handle over 10 billion records a day, you
want to capitalize on their errors

Mistake# 2  Directly calling the Credit Bureaus.

Some consumers prefer to directly call the Credit Bureaus
in an attempt to 
speed up the process.   

By doing so they are subjected to questions to determine
the validity 
of their request and motive, which could be
documented on their file.
 Don't call the credit bureaus.


Mistake# 3  Most consumers want instant gratification and
expect their credit report 
to be cleaned up overnight.  

As a result, they initially dispute every item on their report.

This appears to the Credit Bureaus as someone who's trying to
fraudulently circumvent the

They will flag the account and monitor any follow up letters
making it impossible for you to ever clear up your credit

Congress has given the credit bureaus power to reject
any suspicious or fraudulent removal of items from credit

Don't dispute more than 50% of the items on your initial report.

Just by knowing that one little fact, you now know more than 98%
of consumers that will make these same mistakes and ruin 
their chance for credit restoration. 


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