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Who's right and Who's wrong?

These comments are being used strictly as a learning tool to show the best way to use Twitter effectively, and is not meant to demean anyone. 

I can't tell you how to run your taco stand, but I will tell you,  if you are following people who are not following you---you are making them famous, and hampering your growth. 

Have you ever tweeted or received a tweet  that read: "Thanks for the follow, I will follow you back as soon as Twitter releases me from the Twitter follow limit?"

It happens when you follow more people than follow you.  It is a result of people who don't follow back, it allows them to avoid the Twitter limit and leave you holding the bag; stuck at 2,000 followers while they increase their numbers at your expense.
 Some even use the  excuse, "I'm particular who I follow."  

Now, I don't think it was the intent of the following user to employ such tactics---I think she really didn't know the importance of follow back.  

Six things you should do to be effective on Twitter:  Retweet, Follow, Follow back, Engage with followers, Unfollow non followers, and Tweet.



From: @mistersalesman I just retweeted your book to 33,000 followers and you reached a larger audience. You could not have done that by tweeting.


‏*A   Huh? What are you talking about? Sorry, Twitter doesn't show the conversation thread... And why can't I reach 33K followers by tweeting? Each of my tweets reaches 58K followers, without RT @MisterSalesman

From: @MisterSalesman 58k+33k=91k and then retweet gets retweeted and so forth and so on.  It's multiplication vs addition---no comparison


Reply:   *A  I don't care how many automated accounts retweets reach. Numbers mean nothing unless genuine people read my tweets.


From: ‏@MisterSalesman  We're not talking automated we're talking about genuine people engaging and reaching a larger audience.


From:  @MisterSalesman It was a pleasure sharing viewpoints, but I will have to unfollow because I don't follow people who don't follow me. Take care.

Another Person Replies: *B  I'm unfollowing too - for the same reason.

Reply: *A I think I can sustain the loss of these two accounts unfollowing me :-

From: @MisterSalesman
  Oh my, oh me,  oh why!

Reply From: *
A    I have blocked @MisterSalesman for being a persistent pest with childish behaviour because I didn't follow back.


Another Person Replies:  ‏*M  good for you  U don't need to be dealing with that crap just bcoz u didn't follow back

Reply From: ‏*A  Thanks :-)

Reply From: *C 
 no bother! I enjoy your tweets here on writer tips and everything else inbetween. Losing 1 follower won't bother u at all.

Reply From: 
‏*A  That person RTd expecting a return RT, and when that wasn't forthcoming, decided I wasn't worth following.  

Reply From: *C by me.
their lose

Reply From:  *A... And yes, losing one follower doesn't hurt me. Especially that kind of follower. :-)  

Reply From:  *C I don't think it's a loss to them. They're just playing the numbers game. You know that kind.

Reply  From: @MisterSalesman   FYI,  I never unfollow because somebody didn't retweet, but will unfollow if they don't follow back.

From: *C   but that's just crazy.  .

Reply From: @MisterSalesman think about it...
Why make people famous that don't want to make you famous?


Reply From: *C   I want to be a successful author not just to be famous for the sake of being famous.

Reply From: @MisterSalesman it's the golden rule--do unto others as you want them to do unto to you. 


How do you feel when users don't follow you back?  Please make your comment on Twitter @MisterSalesman<<<  

Do you unfollow nonfollowers or do let them rule your Twitter account?


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