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Closing The Sale



 Closing the Sale, the Old Fashion Way    

   M LeMont The Point of No Return-"I'm Driving To Work, And I'm In Pain, But It Didn't Mean Shit To Her"

By M. Le'Mont

Rewind to 1982:  

Closing the sale- The Year 1982,  Rookie Salesman James Carpool,
bless his heart, I hope he's still living.

When I walked in the house, the husband and wife
were sitting
separately in different areas of the living
room and James
Carpool was giving a Kirby vacuum
cleaner demonstration
that cost $2,000.

The first mistake, James had absolutely no control
of the situation-- dogs barking, television blasting, baby crying,  
friends shouting at the table playing cards, and husband 
desperately trying to watch Monday night football game.  

James Carpool seemed to be oblivious to all of this and
continue to
 give the demonstration.

My job was simple, I was the high price closer, the relief
pitcher in baseball.  Get the win!  Close the sale!


I could see after 2 hours of a laborious presentation,
James Carpool wasn't getting anywhere fast.

So I hollered, "James stop!  Pack that shit up!"   

Folks this is not working.

I'm sorry, but there's too much going on.

We're not doing a good job here, and it's not
fair to you.

And we are ruining the fine reputation of this magnificent
Kirby Vacuum Cleaner.

I then started hugging the damn thing!

Now that I had their attention I said, "Mrs. Jones don't you just love the way it deep cleans your carpet?"

She said,   "Yes, I love it."    

I said looking at the husband making sure he was involved,  "
Mr'. Jones the Kirby is ten times more powerful than any other vacuum cleaner in the world, that 's why it costs $2,000, but it will be the only vacuum 
cleaner you will ever buy. 
  And when your friends come over to your house you'll have it sitting over here in the corner of your living room." 

I continued,  "And the first thing they will say, O
h I see you got a Kirby
vacuum cleaner.  
You see folks the Kirby Vacuum cleaner is a status symbol that you have arrived. Now because we have a promotion that ends tonight at midnight if you get it today you get 10% off. (10% off sale creates urgency)  

So let me ask you,  Do you want the one James showed
you tonight, or would you want a brand new one in the box?"


Now with the choice close, whatever answer they give will be a 
win for the home team.

The husband and wife said, "A new one in the box."   

And with that I moved in for the close.  

I gave the husband the pen and
said, "Please  sign right here."

Then I shut up and didn't say a mumbling word.  Whoever opens their mouth first loses.

A minute passed, and it seem like an eternity.  I recognized he was getting a little hesitant. (stage fright was a better word.)  

So I snatched the pen 
from his hand, and I shook it
vigorously and gave it back to him, and I  said, "Try it now, it should work. Press hard you're making three copies."

With that my friends, he signed on the dotted line and the sale was closed.

Always use the choice close at the end of your presentation.  
Never ask a customer if they or ready to buy or what do you think.

The answer you're looking for is always this or that, and never yes or no.

Make it easy for prospects to say yes and hard to say no.

I once asked a date.  "Would you like me to nudge you in the
morning that breakfast is ready or text you?"

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