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Chance Encounters

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 Chance Encounters

by  M. Le'Mont 

A total stranger told you about something that sounded

Oprah called and told you about an opportunity.

Which one would you follow up on?

Well that is the essence of this article and a  2 min
opportunity that sounds fascinating 

Chance encounters we have them every day;  
meeting a stranger, 
an unexpected surprise, or 
circumstance that leads
 to a Lucky break.

Now what you do with chance encounters  
is important.

Believe me, we all have them, so don't say
nothing  good ever happens to you.

You just never followed up and followed through on a
hunch, thought, or idea, brain storm
, opportunity, or 
an unplanned meeting with

t's a shame more people don't pay attention to
these chance encounters, because it could
dramatically change their

For the people that do, we read their success stories,
whether it's a successful company or individual 
it's the
same story:  "somewhere, at some point, somebody
got a lucky break or chance encounter."

But it's hidden behind the cloud of other
stuff they want us to know and believe.

A book called the Click Moment, by  Fran Johansson
uncovers the truth behind such companies that had
a Lucky break
 or an Eureka moment.  

I remember an CNBC special, a Q&A session at Columbia
University in New York City,
a  graduate student 
walked to
the microphone
and asked Bill Gates,
"How much did 
luck play in the success of Microsoft?  

Bill Gates answered, I was lucky to be born
unto some great parents that let me buy the
books I wanted to buy;  I was lucky
to meet the
people that I
met; and was lucky to develop the
 processor. It's unusual to have so much
luck in one
 life. But it's been a major factor
in what I was able to do.

Now there's an 
honest man who's not fooled by luck. 

But how about Steve Jobs who was born under 
different circumstances to adopted parents, but also had a
number of lucky breaks and chance encounters that
led to the success of Apple, which is revealed in his book.

In the book Little Bets, Peter Sims reveals that  
Jeff Bezos
, CEO of Amazon said they discover a lot
of their products by accident or serendipity.

Bezos said, the experiments we conduct to find new
products is like traveling down a blind alley
then all sudden it opens to this huge broad avenue."

We hope we get lucky.

We never no what we're going to find.  

When it comes to telling how they achieved success,
few people are honest like Bill Gates,
Jeff Bezos,

and Steve Jobs.

Most people would have you believe that their success
was due there brilliance
,  intellect, strategy, or hard work.

As Al Pacino said in the Devil's Advocate,
"Vanity gets them
every time."

But the truth is you must start with the original
cause point, 
the lucky break or chance encounter.

One lucky break...one idea can make the difference
between success and failure.

As Nassim Nicholas said in his book Fooled by Randomness,
Luck has the last word.

Certainly, you have no control over the forces of nature 
that lead you to favorable and unfavorable consequences.

These forces exist because in some strange way
as luck would have it we're all connected and the
world is constantly changing.

The dictionary defines serendipity as the faculty or
phenomenon of finding valuable
or agreeable things
not sought for.

But the one common denominator that attracts lucky
breaks is activity or action.

You're more likely to have more chance encounters if
you're in motion rather than sitting around waiting for
a Eureka moment.

They happen unexpectedly.

So if you position yourself in complex, chaotic,
situations, the 
chance encounters, lucky
breaks, and new discoveries will find you.

In reality, we're all connected; the rich, the poor,
the destitute, we're all the same; the only difference 
is some got a lucky break and made a conscious
decision to pursue it to the end.


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