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Caught Up



Available Now: Trailer Caught Up What's Done in The Dark Comes to Light      Buy in 1 minute  

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   Teaser Chapter

    The Showdown In H-Town

    It was time; it was long overdue. I thought about the premonition I had in
South Padre Island with the parrot, Polly wants a cracker.

I called Veronica's boyfriend, on the phone. I told him that it was time for us to talk. After all, he's gone to a lot of trouble to get Veronica. I told him, "If you want her then meet me in third ward in an hour."

He said, "No problem."

I said, "And come alone."

"I'll be glad to," he said.

We met at an old abandoned football stadium that was decayed and overgrown with weeds; the dumping ground for garbage and dead bodies. It was a cold and dreary night, and the wind began to howl. I could see him standing in the shadows at midfield. He was about 5 ft 9; wore a full-length leather coat that would hide any weapons I'm sure he was carrying. He had long hair protruding from underneath a black wide-brim hat. I kept thinking, so this is the hoodlum my wife was messing around with. It made me want to puke. I walked with a determined pace and felt the pressure on the bottom of my shoes. And when I got within six feet of him...

I said, "Are you, fucking my wife?"

He said, "Yea–what about it?"

This Son of A Bitch was worse than I thought. But, I had bad intentions.

I said, "Wrong answer."

I pulled out a 357 Magnum and blew off the side of his head. His blood splashed in my eyes and on my damn clothes. My first thought was what if he had AIDS–that drug dealing motherfucker–now I'm caught in the thick of it and may suffer for the rest of my life. I wasn't concerned about shooting him, hell he deserved it. I wished I could shoot him again.

Then I heard a loud noise–a powerful force knocked me to the ground. I had been shot in the back by one of his partners. I was lying next to Crawfish in a pool of blood. I was bleeding profusely, and my body began to feel cold. I refuse to go out like this. I still had bullets in my gun–where's the son of a bitch, who shot me. I managed to pull myself off the ground–someone fired another shot and blew off my right arm; I could see my hand which was disconnected from my body, still holding the gun. I then looked at Crawfish, he was already dead. I saw pieces of his brain, hanging out of a large cavity that was once his head.

I hollered for help and then remembered what my mom told me: 'Son, always do the right thing.' I'm sorry mom; I fucked up! What the hell am I doing out here? I then heard a hissing sound and people talking. I thought it was the police and news media. But, something strange happened. I had left the body looking at myself from within and from without. There were angelic beings gathered around Crawfish eating his corpse in a frenzy. They had massive bodies and gigantic teeth, and the faces of snakes with slithering tongues and long scaly tails that pounded the ground. As they ate, they slobbered gobs of slimy green shit out their mouths. It was like a grotesque scene from the Night of the Living Dead.

And then I heard a deep, rumbling voice that said, "We've Been Waiting On You."

I looked around and saw I was in a cave. There were fires burning from one end to the other, and piles of human bones. I saw the creatures kneeling as the voice came closer. There was a ray of light, shining on a ten foot FORK sticking in the ground.

The creatures danced around it, chanting, "Who's next, how long will it take?"

I looked at one of them and said, "You're an ugly looking motherfucker!" Then out of the blue, there appeared an image of a woman's breast that made a loud screeching noise like someone scratching on a blackboard. It was deafening–I covered my ears and ran like hell. I stumbled, and something grabbed me; wrapped around my legs and throat. I kicked and fought to get loose.

Then I pulled the nipple on the woman's breast, and she SCREAMED in Greek– που απαγορεύεται - Μην αγγίζεις. "You are forbidden–don't touch me!"  

What!!!!   To be continued....  Available Now

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Don't have a kindle?  Download free app and start reading an ebook in 1 minute. 


  Get listed on The Retweet Train follow lists for 1 full year $5 subscription. Act Now! Limited time. More details at FIVERR.com 

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