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by M. Le'Mont

I have a strong disdain for waking up to
an alarm clock,
sitting in rush-hour -traffic
what time I can go to lunch, and
pandering the boss.

However, that's the everyday life of  an employee.

I am glad that I'm an IBO, Independent Business Owner.

Here's what  Ken McCarthy's said about being self employed
in  "System Club Letters":

"As entrepreneurs, we enjoy many things, 
large and small, that the average person - 
even someone with a great job--can't even
imagine. Stay the course. It's worth it."

Right on, Ken, I agree with you man!


Growing up I watched my father work
two full-time jobs to make ends meet.

After working 30 years to build someone
else's dreams, he got a handshake,
a Timex
watch, and a small pension check of 40%
of his salary.


He died shortly afterwards without the joy of
ever attending any of my
basketball games,
which I eventually became an All American.

Time passes fast, and parents only have 18
summers to spend with their children.

I love the quote by Douglas MacArthur: Security
is spending your life the way you want to spend it.

Maybe, that's why I love building my own
dreams instead
of building someone else's.

Not for the money but for the security.

Ten thousand people are turning age 65
every single day.  

This will continue for the next 18 years.  

Forty percent of Baby Boomers have lost
their savings, and their 401k plan has turned
 into a 104k plan.

I know people that are so loyal to their
company, they would never consider 
looking for other opportunities.

However, competition and technology
are fierce... you could walk in the office and
get a pink slip or discover the company
filed bankruptcy; n
o notice, no decency... and no job.

"The only loyalty a person has; to God, and their family
to stay step ahead of the curve."

Even the corner video stores, music retailers, and book stores 
have ceased to exist.

Many have fallen by the wayside; following are some
of the local
newspapers and the U.S Post Office.

So what about the loyal employees, ever wondered what
happened to them?

That's why I've declared myself certifiable unemployable
to make sure I keep my IBO status. (Independent business owner)  

I'm free to explore the world and all the wondrous
possibilities that exist.

Now I write books and swim in a pond with a million other fish, and
as the joker said to the thief, there must be a way out of here.
And there is for all you authors who feel sad because your
book is not selling: Keep writing!  Your day will come.  
But you gotta keep writing!

It surely is something to think about, while you're
building someone else's dreams.

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