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Book makeover


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    How To Give Your E-book A Complete

      Make-Over By Changing Three Things
 "I could never be that bold and do something like that. What if I fall?" Oh, my dear, what if you fly?  

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by M LeMont

Book covers can directly affect the purchasing decisions of potential buyers.    There are three things that catch the attention of readers in this order: 

Book Cover



Any of the three could give your book a fresh look that could boost sales. The book cover by far is the most dramatic that catches the buyer's attention.   

And, the title can also impact sales. If you change the title on Amazon, you will lose your reviews, but if you only have a few, it could be well worth the title change.

Then you have the description that 
piques the reader's curiosity what the book is all about.   You should tweak this often until you find something that works. 

After a year and  30 reviews, 18 Five Stars and 10 Four Stars  later, it was time to give The  Point Of No Return a fresh look.  I changed the book cover and corrected the spelling errors and mistakes. Although I swore, I would never tamper with  the content because it was 730 days of recorded events, and it had a unique flow to it.  The reader could feel the raw emotions from one scene to another.  

And as one reader who gave it Five Stars said, "You must be secure in your own marriage before you read this book. It brings out the raw emotions in you." 

Hmm, "Secure in your marriage?" I never thought about it quite that way before, but he's right.

So what sparked the makeover?   Well, I pay attention to reviews, and I'm not afraid to experiment. Plus, I'm more in tune with what the market wants than I was a year ago.  

One reviewer who gave the book Five Stars  said it was an excellent book, but he wouldn't have selected the cover because it was so much more than a tantalizing pleasure. Then another Four Star review said good book and would be even better if the author would fix minor errors.  

So it's all fixed now, and it's like coming home, and your spouse has a  complete makeover.  Wow!

If you want to see the old cover before the new cover is uploaded click here.  It's on sale for 99 cents and will increase at some point with the new cover and spelling errors fixed.

Now what about you, does your book need a new cover?    Don't be afraid to experiment...it's your moment for life.

Come to the edge. They said, "We're afraid." Come to the edge. They came. He pushed them. And they flew.
~Guillaume Apollinaire.

What is your opinion about giving your book a different look?  Please make your comment live on Twitter  @MisterSalesman. 


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What is your opinion about giving your book a different look?  Please make your comment live on Twitter  @MisterSalesman. 



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