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Blind But Now I See


       I Was Once Blind…. But Now I See

by M. Le'Mont

In the land of the blind, the one eye man is king.  
It's impossible to see the truth when you depend
on what he sees.  

    Open Your Eyes and Observe All Things

Have you ever wondered why things happen in your life
and then at some point you look back and say wow,
now I know why that happened?

What’s even more shocking if you could track the  
events back to the beginning and see them develop.

During the first part of 2012, I was part of a chain of events
that affected 15 people and disrupted the entire MM company,
which at the time was the fastest growing company in the country. 

And the good news... I was able to capture and retrace the
origin of each event.

It’s a classic example of how ideas spread like a viral and how
messages are delivered from one person to the next through a
series of occurrences that affects everyone in one way or another.

Find out how deep the rabbit hole goes 

Read the two articles I wrote The Big Idea  and Coincidences.   

Life is a journey and you never know what's going to
happen next.    I believe things that happen in life were
meant to happen and you can’t stop any of it from going down.

So stop worrying, whatever decisions  you make in life were the right  
decisions because you made them and you’re going to go through
situations knowingly or unknowingly.
  Which do you prefer?      

 I was once blind.... but now I see..

The following is a letter to my friend TP about the events that  transpired
from April 2012 – Jan 2013.

The names of the individuals were changed 
to protect their identity.

Dear TP, 

As I reflect back, the MM company wasn't the end;  it was just the
beginning of an exciting journey that's just beginning.  

And once again we may take another journey together.   

Do you believe in fate?   

Probably not, most people don't like the idea because
it means they're not in control of their life.  

But yet you believe that some things that happened were
more than just a coincidence, right?   .    

A message was being delivered to you 
but not by traditional means.

Coming straight from the ether in a series of 30 events or
occurrences; traveling through channels, vessels, and alleyways,
causing a rumble in the minds it touched.

Don't believe me?  Here, take a look for yourself.   

30 levels deep - Actual recorded events from Feb 2012-Jan 25, 2013 

1  AW in Dallas signs up for MM opportunity Feb 2012,

2 and calls his friend Mike in Georgia who tells his nephew PL,    


3   PL   tells wife about the idea,

4   PL 's wife calls mother in Houston about MM company

5    Mother in Houston tells her best friend,

6    Doris who tells her friend,

7    GL tells her sister,

8    NS calls x boyfriend ML after 20 years about MM company,

9    ML  tells best friend TP  on March 20, 2012,

10   TP and ML both move up the ranks quickly,

11   TP meets  LR in VA.,  who was recruited by MH

12   TP randomly meets a woman name KL in a restaurant in Las Vegas 

13   ML gets sick and is out for 3 months, Oct 28, 2012

14    ML had plenty of time to write and observe events  

15   ML takes free on-line course offered by a guy named PS

16   TP also takes on-line PS course

17   MH, a top player exits MM Company after the biggest heist in history.  

18   People from every down line scattered looking for a better opportunity.  

19   TP investigates MH and discovers associations with TN company

20    MH, SS, KT was also part of TN company

21    TP searches for DP who he hadn’t seen for 20 years that also
worked for TN company.

22   The same woman TP met in Las Vegas. just happened
 to say she made a lot of money in TN company.  TP asked if she knew DP,
and she said knew LH in TN company that knows DP.

23   LH gives KL, DP's cell number.    

24   KL gives cell number to TP  

25  TP calls DP and found out he was original founder  of TN 

26  DP hired MH as consultant and MH brought on SS with him

27  DP said MH and SS are corporate raiders and single handed
 brought down the TN the same way they did MM in broad day light. 


28   DP Is now # 2 guy at LB under PS who we took an on-line course from 

29   PS and  DP has been friends for years 

30   DP delivers message of opportunity to TP.

    On Feb 9, 2013 TP and I had lunch with  DM and PS  See the Big Idea

A new journey begins and a new idea has already began to spread.  
The events will be posted here has they continue to develop. 

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M. Le'Mont is a writer, Network marketer, and IBO of 14 websites.

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