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Beta Reviews Blurbs


"Of all the women I took to the dance there was only one that would have stayed with me until the end." 

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Beta Blurb is an excellent 
way to introduce your book!  Let my team of Beta reviewers, read and write a
summary or short review before your book is published. 

YES, this is a "BLURB"
 --- What a Story....Gripping....Intense.....enthralling & metamorphic. 

YES, this is a "BLURB"
---The author’s unique style of writing interchanges 3 narratives fluidly and masterfully done.

YES, this is a "Blurb Quote"---I love you already, please don't drive me crazy.

Let us write some jazzy headlines to tweet and blurb about.  Blurb It! Promotional Headlines. For more info DM or Tweet @MisterSalesman 

Why You Should Use Beta Reviews and Blurbs

Simon Cowell said,  "Who told you that you could sing?"

The contestant said,  "My mother." 
  "Well, honey don't quit your day job."

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by M LeMont

Now the same thing can be said about writing.  Who told you that you could write?  That's why  it's a good idea to get outside of your inner circle of family and friends and find a Simon Cowell to tell you the truth, and manage your expectations accordingly.

I did just that with Shh! Kiss Me Baby.  I found  six Beta Readers who were willing to read the manuscript and tell me the truth and then write a short blurb. 

Blurbs are short summaries or reviews that are packed with hundred times the power of book reviews.   They can be used over various social media platforms since it's around 140 characters.  You can also use blurbs on the inside of your e-book as "Beta Summary or Reviews" or the outside of a print book. Blurbs are an excellent way to introduce and promote your book. Now if your book doesn't live up to the hype then it will be reflected in the readers reviews.

So after much fanfare, here are the blurbs for Shh! Kiss Me Baby from my esteem group of Beta Readers who I sincerely treasure not because of the excellent blurbs, but because it's difficult to find someone to read your manuscript before it's published.   


Beta Review--Shh! Kiss Me Baby

Romance, Love and a twisted End. All I need to say... Buy this book. Read it. Die happy. ~ A Hill

Beta Review Shh! Kiss Me Baby

Wildly creative... "For the times I made her cry and broke her heart...Tyler Perry or Baz Luhrmann or no deal!" ~ M Graham

Beta Review Shh! Kiss Me Baby 

Shh! Kiss Me Baby had me singing...Heaven must be like this ...it must be like this. ~ P Morga

Beta Review Shh! Kiss Me Baby

I loved M LeMont's second novel Caught Up--but I would run his bath water for Shh! Kiss Me Baby. I'm completely immersed...in the drama. ~ F Thompson

Beta Review Shh! Kiss Me Baby 

M LeMont turns the literary world upside down with his unique writing style and rhythm ~ Buzzmaster

Beta Review Shh! Kiss Me Baby

This incredibly romantic book is a walk on the wild side--playboy escapades and the sassy diva Mary Jane.~

Beta Summary Shh! Kiss Me Baby

Love Runs Deep...a heartbreaking story of passion and pain.

News Flash:  Beta Blurb your book before you publish. Beta blurb is a short summary or review of your book in 140 characters or less.   Excellent for tweeting, website, blogs, or inside front and back covers, or  description.  

Let us make you some jazzy headlines to tweet. Blurb It! Promotional Headlines. For more info DM or Tweet @MisterSalesman 

Beta Blurb It! ---What a Story....Gripping....Intense.....enthralling & metamorphic. 

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