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Five Stars  "Leisure reading at its finest. Enjoyable and entertaining!!!!"

Five Stars   "The author’s unique style of writing interchanging 3 narratives fluidly and masterfully makes it a memorable read."

Fletcher Brown tweeted, "You are a very talented writer."

        Behind The Scenes Look at the novel 
                    Shh! Kiss Me Baby


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by M LeMont

I thought it would be kind of cool to see how this book originated from inception to publication. Whether you are thinking about writing a book or a seasoned author, you may get an idea that inspires you. I know I get a kick out watching how movies are made.  
When I first thought about writing  Shh! Kiss Me Baby I didn't have a clue what it was going to be about; no  characters, no plot. I knew that I wanted a book that would resonate and appeal to everyone. I also wanted to have another book that would promote Caught Up What's Done In The Dark Comes To Light. Maybe a free book, I thought.  I knew the more books you have, the more they feed off each other.  
Well, it wasn't until I read the Great Gatsby by S.F. Fitzgerald that I wanted to write a romance novel that would rival the best love story ever written. I remember, the very first sentence I wrote was about a woman, rodeo bull rider.   I wanted something fresh and different that hadn't been done before. The character Mary Jane is gorgeous, sassy, and sophisticated...love to do dangerous things like riding a 2,000 pound bull named, Red The Fuck Lightning.  

But what else could she do that would bring the house down?  Of course, she meets a millionaire playboy, with the intention of making him chase after her.  The same thing that any woman would probably do if they had a chance to meet a millionaire if they didn't get swept off their feet first. 

Then I had to find a playboy that would fit the bill. Whoa, the character Buddy Brown from my second novel Caught Up--the hard nose no-nonsense businessman and playboy. If you read Caught Up then, you can't wait to see him in action.

I'm writing the book without a title.  Sure, I had a make shift title, Mary Jane Meets Millionaire Playboy but that wasn't good enough.  It wasn't until the book was nearly finished that I found the title.  It was embedded in one of the scenes...Shh! Kiss Me Baby and I said that's it...I found it!  

Next was finding the right cover. My friend, Pam and I looked at stock covers just to get some ideas. We were looking at covers with women on them, and then Pam said, "Hold up back up a bit... I said, "What you see something?  She said, "What's the cover of that man in a nightclub doing in this category."  "Um, I don't know but we want a woman cover."  She said, "Yea I  know but let's take a look at this one." We mauled over the idea of a man on the cover, and I said, "Uh, I think that'll work.

Once I had the cover of a millionaire playboy I was off to the races. I went online and found a beautiful picture of a woman who became Mary Jane, (which I put on my computer) the story took on a whole new direction. It took three months to write the plot that's filled with romance, sex, drama, and suspense and an ending that you wouldn't see coming in a million years.   

The book is written in first person (Buddy Brown, the main character) and the Epilogue is narrated in first person by the author M LeMont, who also has a cameo appearance in the book. Two narrators, talking in first person, I bet you don't see that very often?
The reader will take a walk on the wild side, from Mary Jane's rodeo events to Buddy Brown playboy escapades to shady business deals; shopping sprees to
Macau and the wild romance.   

Thank you for taking a sneak preview of Shh! Kiss Me Baby Available now.  

Spin-off from M LeMont Caught Up What's Done In The Dark Comes To Light.  Hot book trailer

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