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Basic Guide 101


Basic Guide 101- How to Start a Website From Scratc

By M. Le'Mont

According to a recent survey, 50% of business owners
do not have a presence on the internet.

Some owners cite costs as a contributing factor, while
others claim they don't have time.

Well, as a fellow business owner I know when something 
just sounds good, and when there's a hidden objection.

The fear of making mistakes prevents most business owners
from creating a website.

But the only way to succeed is to make mistakes.

Here's something to keep in mind.  A mistake only delays
the outcome, it doesn't destroy you.

I personally learned how to create websites by making
mistakes and talking with on-line tech support so much they
knew me by name, until one day I became an expert.

You may elect to have a Webmaster build a custom
web site for you.

However, this guide will show you the basic steps how to start a
website from scratch that will cost less than $100 a month.

In writing the article I had to assume that the reader has
no knowledge about creating websites or the internet.

This guide will help the person without a website get started
and the experienced person stay on track with the basics.

                          The Basics 101- Getting Started

1.  The first step - get a Domain Name.  What is a Domain Name?  

Wikipeda definition:  A Domain name is an
identification string
that defines a realm of administration autonomy, authority,
or control on the internet.

Well that certainly didn't help much did it?   Here's a better
explanation- A Domain Name is analogous with a street address.

It identifies your plot
of land in Cyper Space, and gives you
the right to build on that
land with no boundaries and
unlimited space.

I refer to the virtual land as Domains in They Sky.

2.  The second step is choose a Domain Name.  If you're
looking to build a website for an existing business then you want
to choose the name of the business as your Domain Name, 
if it is available.
  Pick your names carefully, if not associated with
your existing business.

I chose Mistersalesman.com because I wanted to serve
the direct sales, Internet sales, and network marketing industries,
not because it was a catchy

3. The next step is to register the name.  When you register
 the name it gives you exclusive rights to build a website on
the property located at the registered name  URL web

Registering the name can be done on the same site as the
name search.
 GoDaddy.com - World's No.1 Domain Name Registrar

4.  Annual fee- There is an annual registration fee,.  
depending on the popularity of the Domain Name, it
could cost anywhere from

 When I registered DomainsintheSky.com, I paid $5.00 and
parked the name until I decide to build
on it.

5.  Registering the name gives you the right to build a
website on the land and call it by the registered
Domain Name.

"Once you start to build, you will incur other costs associated
with the construction."

6. Once you registered the name you can sell it anytime you want.  
It's like selling raw land without anything constructed on

There are many on-line Domain auction

I own over 50 Domain Names that I bought as pure speculation.  

Domains In The Sky

Buying Domains in the Sky is  analogous to buying real estate
with no boundaries, unlimited space, and no physical buildings
to worry about, or tenants to tear up your

For example, each time I write an article on a web page on
it's like adding a room to my ESTATE.

Currently, I have over 56 rooms on my ESTATE,  and
the rooms have attracted more than 20,000 visitors in
November, just two months after construction

7.  Hosting-  When you're ready to build, then you need
 a company to turn the lights and water on, so to speak.
A host will activate your account so you can
start building.

Your site will be activated through their connection of computers
and servers that run runs 24 hours a

They also have other services to help build your website.

8.  Website Building Tools- just like a home builder you
need some designer tools to build your

GoDaddy.com - World's No.1 Domain Name Registrar
has some of best tools that are easy to

9. Templates- they're like  pre-built houses.  
Choose a template that best fits your business and
instantly your website is created
.  You now have a website
 everyone can

10.   Web  Pages- You now must buy some web pages so you can
create some content.  The content is why you built the site in the 
first place.
 You  must learn how  to captivate your audience with
remarkable content.

11. If you re not a writer then  surf the net and find writers or
outsource the job to India and get a personal assistant
to write the content on the

12. Free Google Analytics Tool- The web hosting companies also offer
tools so you can measure the effectiveness of your website,
such as number of visitors, what pages they viewed,
average time on site, average reading time,

You Got Mail

13. Setup Email account- Host will do that for you.

14. Submit your website to search engines.

15.   Make Sure to Keyword your content so your people can find you
         Keywords it's not what you think

If you purchase any of Godaddy's services through the affiliated link,
a small commission is derived. I will continue recommend the products
and services of companies with outstanding solutions for my readers.


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