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Bad Luck

Subject:  Bad Luck
From:  bob@refermycompany.com  
Date:  Fri, Sep 06, 2013 8:03 am
To:          Emerald Team

Emerald Project- Get the word out!

Good morning team,

Have you ever had this happen?

You woke up this morning and the car wouldn't start.

Then you got a text  that something bad happened.

And when you got to work your boss cut your pay.

It seems like you're jinx and it's just not your day.

You wish you could go back to sleep and start over tomorrow.

Well, as Teddy Pendergrass said, if you want to know the
truth about it, I'll tell you what's been pulling you down, 

Bad luck.

Now I'm going to show you how to harness the power of  bad luck.   

Here's the Secret

First understand it's not bad luck that's happening, its a prelude
of something good that's coming.

B-A-D  stands for Break after Difficulties
that lead to a Series of Good Luck.

Out of a series of bad events always emerge
something that's good and more powerful than before.

And if this is true which I'm going show you with a 
preponderance of evidence that it is, then you must be
willing to double down and make a purposeful bet to
take advantage of your window 
of opportunity.

It's a pattern of the universe and you have to
know how
it operates in your daily life.

Until that day... make every moment count!

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