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Always and Nevers

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Subject: "Always and Nevers"- How do Yours Hold You Back?

From:     "Tom Merkey" <tom@meettommerkey.com>
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Date: Wed, Apr 10, 2013 6:17 am
To: "Bob" <bob@refermycompany.com>


What are Your "Always and Never" beliefs that have become habits? 
Here's one of mine....

I did this blog post last night and wanted to share it with you today.... I've been having a couple of "Always and Never" realities the past few days - you know the thoughts and beliefs you have that are really habits- things you do that you have done for so long that you don't even remember why you started doing them in the first place! 
 And when they happen, and I realize it, I know it's time to really look and understand why I do what I do and how healthy is to have "Always and Nevers" in your daily life?
Always and Nevers- A Closed will Keep You There!

Mind will Keep You There!
I wanted to share a thought I had today- How many times my 
Always and Nevers- A Closed Mind will Keep You There! have 
stunted my growth and my opportunities to other possibilities.... 

    Here's just one example..As long as I can remember, I've had 
larger dogs in my home, either brittany spaniels, labs, collies,
chesapeake bay retrievers... you get the picture- dogs that were 
bred to smell, point, or flush and retrieve game birds ( pheasants,
quail, grouse, geese, ducks, etc) or as my father would say, " A dog 
that earns it's keep!"

 So, let's fast forward to my adult life - we've had the good fortune 
to have a lab and a chesapeake bay retriever (a gift from Uncle Dave
to my children) for a total of 25 years and after Paddy died we didn't
have a dog for about a year. My daughter Lara rescued a Cairn Terrier
mix while going to college and living in Greeley. She was also working 
full time and asked if we would mind "puppy sitting" while she was at 
work.... of course we said yes, and proceeded to have this 10 pound 
"Terrior" endear himself to us each day he was here.... 
And he Absolutely changed My "Always and Never" closed mind
about little dogs!

Always and Nevers- A Closed Mind will Keep You There!
 Now you know what happened next- we looked around for other 
Cairns that were  to be rescued in the Colorado area, found
one about 20 miles from our home.... went to see her on a Sunday.....
she wouldn't leave Tyson alone after he sat with her on the floor..... we brought Rose along to visit her 5 days later..... and the following Sunday she 
was ours. 

Turns out, this is the first pet my wife has ever called her own. She also grew up in a "dog must earn it's keep" household.....
and was never afforded the opportunity to be around smaller dogs....

 But, of course, Lara moves back into our home to save some cash, and we have two dogs everyday, and the week before Christmas we get a card from Ray and Judy inviting us to see their "new" Cairn puppies- "Boomer" and "Wendy"..... 

Yes, Boomer was welcomed into our family 3 weeks later! And our home has been turned upside down by 3 pups that barely weigh 40 lbs. total!

 They are smart, happy, bundles of unconditional love that will transform your day every day!
 My question is, 

 What are your 3 biggest "Always and Nevers?"
Where or Who did those beliefs come from?
What have you missed in life because of them?
Would you be willing to change them?
I'd love you to share your thoughts and experiences with your
Always and Nevers- You could open my eyes to some more 
of my own that I'm not even aware of yet !!! 
 If you found value in this Always and Nevers post, you are welcome to share it with those you care about.....
Savor Today,


1374 Eagle Ct, Windsor, CO 80550, USA 

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