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Already Making Profit

  Already making a profit?
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Date: Wed, Jan 23, 2013 9:02 am
To: bob@mistersalesman.com

Yesterday I talked about the common mistake that keeps new businesses from growing faster.

There's a similar mistake that keeps already profitable businesses from growing further as fast as they could...

When your business is already creating a decent profit, it's easy to get a sense of accomplishment.

And you should feel proud ;)

But often that feeling turns to a costly belief: "I can do everything..."

Maybe it's true. Maybe you can do everything.

Do you get the best results like that is a different question...

I know that for many entrepreneurs building and running their business alone is part of the fun.

The challenge of doing everything alone is part of the reason they have a business in the first place.

But if you're not building a business to prove that you can do it alone, but instead you want to earn a living from it, maybe you should take advantage of the expertise of others.

I'm not saying you need to hire me. Maybe marketing or conversion optimization isn't something you want any help with.

Maybe you need help with the technical aspects of turning your product from average to the best in the field.

Maybe you need help with management.

Or maybe you need help with something completely different.

All I'm trying to say is that you shouldn't avoid getting help JUST because you want to prove you can succeed without it.

Because I doubt the question really is, "Can you succeed alone?"

It's much more likely that the question is, "Just how successful can you be?"

At least if your goal is profitability, you should take advantage of all opportunities you can find.

That's that for today.

Tomorrow, something totally different ;)



PS. Most of my coaching clients are already running profitable businesses. They're just looking for ways to making their business even more profitable.

Usually their goal is to add at least $50,000 to their annual profits (often more $100,000) within the next year.

If you're interested to know how I could help you take your business forward, reply to this email, so we can talk.

PPS. My fees are going up at the end of this month, so don't put off the decision. Hit reply now if it might be right for you...

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