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Bob, Here It Is... Your Special Offer!!!

From: "Cristy Lozano" <cristy1435@gmail.com> (Add as Preferred Sender)  
Date:   Thu, Apr 04, 2013 7:12 pm
To:    "bob dixon" <bob@mistersalesman.com>

Hi Bob,

Well what do you think about Our Secret Backpage Software?

Advertising does not get any simpler than our Backpage Secret
Software. Plus Backpage advertisment in the Biz Opt section is
totally free.

You can promote any business you want or you can promote our secret
software and collect a cool $50 for every sale you make. Just like
I'm doing!

If you make one sale a day that = $50 a Day = $350 a Week = $1,500
a Month = $18,000 a Year. This is only with one sale a day. You can
calculate what multiple sales a day would add up to.
Plus, if you are involved in another system that has a higher commission this
can be life changing for you.

If you have not seen our video that explains how our software works
click on the link below to view...

Pay close attention to the 9 - 12 minute of the video, I'll
explain why in a bit.
View 9 - 12 Minute Now - Please

OK, if you paid close attention to the 9 - 12 minute of the video
you know that this is the key and the bulk of the work for this

 Without knowing how much this system cost... How much would
you pay for it??? I was willing to pay a good $500 for it. A system
that only takes less than 5 minutes to send out over 500 FREE ads
on a daily basis, for whatever business you have... Even This One!
Now For My Special Offer...

It takes me about 4 - 8  hours to find and create 50 killer
headlines and 50 knockout body ads. I understand that this will
discourage anybody that purchases this system and give up and just
call it another chunk of change down the drain.
OK Bob, here is my deal, if you purchase Our Secret Backpage
Software within the next 24 hrs I will give you two (2) sets of 50 headlines
and two (2) sets of 50 body ads at no cost to you.
This will eliminate all your headaches in creating headlines and body ads.

PLUS, yes there is a PLUS...

If you order within the next 24 hours I will also send you the rest
of my 13 eBooks also at no cost to you. These last 13 books
are all targeting my favorite part of our business... Different
ways to promote any Biz.

Bob, am offering you 100 headlines, 100 body ads and an
additional 13 eBooks (the first 7 you will receive just for taking a look at our
sytstem as a gift to you) with your purchase.
My husband tells me that I am crazy but I tell him that I am in a mission to help

Obviously Bob, to keep the integrity of our software and not to
overwhelm Backpage with the same ads I can only offer this special
to 26 people. The first 26 people no more and no less.

This offer will only be available to you for the next 24 hours... If you don't
purchase this offer in 24 hours I will pass this offer to the next person.

Are you in Bob?!?

Well, the ball is in your court, hope you can see the beauty in my

Okay, enough for my offer. Regardless if you purchase our software
or not my goal is to educate you about this crazy industry call
Internet Marketing and starting tomorrow (in 24 hrs) you will start
receiving the first of seven eBooks I promised you.

God Bless and I hope to hear from you soon.

Cristy Lozano

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