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Accidental Profits

  How an "accidental" product brings in $350 million annually
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Date: Tue, Mar 19, 2013 4:07 am
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All companies have underused assets that they don't
recognize. But once you do recognize them, those 
overlooked assets can turn out to be worth more than
your core business.

Let me show you three examples of companies that 
have profited handsomely from their underused assets.

Example 1 - Everyone knows that Henry Ford created 
the assembly line that allowed for the mass manufacturing
of automobiles. And it was the assembly line that made 
the Ford Motor Company so successful.

But what most people don't know is that one of the
byproducts of building so many cars was a lot of left
over wood chips and shavings, because much of the 
interior of cars was made from wood in those days. 
In fact, there was so much left over wood chips, 
that Ford had an entire building jammed with the 

So Henry Ford did a bit of research and came across
a process to flake, form and cake the left over wood
bits into charcoal briquettes. Though he never 
intended this, Ford transformed an underused asset 
into an accidental product - one that was an instant 

Ford and a partner started the Kingsford Charcoal 
Company to sell those briquettes and that company 
is still going strong today with sales of $350 million 
annually. And they still dominate the market, 
controlling more than 80% of all charcoal sales. 

Your own underused assets are probably worth 
more than your core business

Henry Ford was not alone in capitalizing on his
underused assets. Tens of thousands of companies 
have done this. 

Example 2 - I know of a commercial printer who
created a new process for making ink flow more
smoothly that reduced ink costs by 40%. He made
more money licensing this process to other printers
than he ever made with his core business.

Example 3 - I've personally been able to create 6 
and 7-figure passive income streams by licensing 
out various forms of my underused assets to other 
businesses. Some of my assets I've done this with 
include marketing campaigns, toy designs, 
information products and business software.

Chances are, your underused assets - which are
products and services you no longer sell, business
processes you've developed for running your
company, even undeveloped ideas - are worth
as much or more than your core business. And
there are also extensions of your existing products
you've never thought about that could easily
be licensed for substantial amounts.

If you're interested in discovering how to turn
your underused assets into large streams of 
passive income, I've just created a free training
program called The Licensing Solution.

In this training, which consists of a report you can
download in pdf format and an "audio tour" of
that report, you'll discover my 6-step blueprint
anyone can use to successfully license out their

Once you take this short, free training, you'll
have a complete game plan for using licensing
to create multiple 6 and 7-figure passive income

This training is online and available to you 24
hours a day. To claim your free copy, just 
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Bob Serling

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