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About Retweeting...

  M Le'Mont The Point of No Return I was taught to forgive and forget. But, even I -- even I had my limits." 

About retweeting...

"Like a mad scientist, I was trying to discover
a new form of energy, and then by sheer accident I
discovered the Power of the Retweet."

2 minutes 2 sec

by M LeMont

I write for people who are too busy to read blogs or articles.
The following are 
lessons about retweeting on Twitter.
It will take 2 min 2 sec to read.  No skimming.  

I retweet for hundreds of users every day.  What about you?   Did you retweet today?  You can follow me on The Retweet Train Live on Twitter, for the ride of a lifetime.  @MisterSalesman #Mretweettrain


About retweeting...If you want to show somebody that you appreciate a retweet then reciprocate.  They want to smile just like you. 

About retweeting... Always lead in with a retweet first, before you ask someone to retweet for you.   http://bit.ly/1rL8fOL 

About retweeting...Listen, I don't work for you, and you don't work for me; but if you retweet sometimes we can work together.

About retweeting...I retweeted your book and you ask what  
should you retweet for me?

About retweeting...It's a  simple truth.  I  retweet for people who retweet for me.  I follow people who follow me.  I unfollow people who unfollow me.

About retweeting...Once you pin your tweet at the top of your page everybody will know what you want retweeted.

About retweeting...It's been going on for centuries.  Eye for an eye...tooth for a tooth. You show me your money and I show you mine.

About retweeting...retweeting is like smart phone vs dumb phone.  It's like email vs snail mail. It's tweeting on steroids. Any questions?

About retweeting... I retweeted your book and you retweeted what I had for lunch.  

About retweeting... I rather not be called a Tweeter. The Stars of the show are the Retweeters

About retweeting....The Process:  Retweet, Reply, Follow, Follow Back, Unfollow non followers.  

About retweeting...I put a smile on your face and you put a frown on mine. Now what's wrong with that picture?

About reteeting...Before you shove your book in somebody's face---why not retweet first.

About retweeting... The Nay Sayers scoffed at the idea, it can't be done. "You can't bring authors and Twitter  together." I said, "Bullshit!..." I did it by retweeting.  36,000 followers and growing!

About retweeting...  What!  You're a writer and you're not following @MisterSalesman and  @MondayBlogs  

About retweeting... You can touch more lives with a single retweet than you can tweeting all day.

About writing..."Where are you going?"  I'm going to pick a fight, it's too quite around here.  Find the controversy--- it's right there in your story line...start a fight.



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