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A Star is Born



 M LeMont The Point of No Return
-   What do you say when your spouse or lover says, "I love you, but I'm not in love with you; I don't love you anymore.

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 A Star is Born - "Why is the sky blue, when I grow up
 I want to be like you." -Kirk Franklin

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by M. Le'Mont

Young Donovan said,  "why is the sky blue, when I grow
up I want to be like you,  can you teach me how to tie my
shoes and when you go to work, can I go with you
and see what you

Every kid needs a role model and when there's no male
to teach them, they find their
a rapper, singer, basketball player, or football player, etc.

Michael Jackson was singing at 5 years old,

Michael Jordan became an overnight

So do kids really have a chance to be a star?

"Once every 25 years a person is born to be a superstar
with skills and ability far superior than anyone else."

But if we encourage our kids to be all they can be
and expose them to a different environment,

who knows.... they may want to become a scientist or
the president of the United States.

Here are three videos
- A Star Is Born.

     China's got it! Talent 7 year old star


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            9 year old Maliki

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         Mir Money 7 years

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