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A Match Made In Heaven




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     Twitter and Fiverr-- A Match Made In Heaven

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 by M LeMont

I don't know if it would happen or not, but Twitter should make an offer to buy Fiverr or vice versa. It's a perfect match--a match made in heaven. I didn't see the synergy until I began offering my services on Fiverr.

For example, here's one of my gigs.

"I will Blast your Name, Book, & Headline all over the World, Universe, Galaxy, and to my 141K Followers."

I will do my very best to make you famous. The cost?  I'm too embarrassed to say.  I hooked up with Fiverr, which found a way to make money on low-priced transactions on virtually anything you want in the UNIVERSE.  Do you think I'm bullshitting you?  Well, I'm not. 

"Whatever you want Mr. Anderson. Whatever you want."    

I've bought professional book covers, logos,  attorney services, professional broadcasters, and narrators for YouTube Videos, and Podcasts. I've  used the services of a Virtual Assistant and found an expert to customize an Excel spreadsheet.

Fiverr has become my new best friend for anything I want. It's like having my own laboratory to bring forth all my crazy ass ideas at almost no cost. Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison would drool to have something like this back in the day; access to brilliant minds around the world that offer their services at ridiculously low prices.             

Here's why:

The sellers on Fiverr have talent but maybe never had a big break in life or maybe they were once successful and went belly up. I don't know what their situation was and frankly, I don't give a shit.

I just know that the cost is so low that I can hire many of them to create or find whatever I want.  They're not trying to get rich; they are trying to make a part-time income to make ends meet. 

Fiverr offers ordinary people an opportunity to sell their services on a  worldwide platform and make money part time.  

Here's a philosophy that changed my life. 

"Wages make you a living, but profits will make you a fortune."



Do you know that it doesn't take much to change your lifestyle?  If you make an extra $1,000 a month, you can prevent a foreclosure or repossession;  pay some much needed bills, take a vacation, or pay your kids tuition.  You can even pay a note on a luxury car.  Or pay for medical bills, or even go to an expensive restaurant twice a week.

Most people are not going to get this Fiverr thing until it's too late, but for those who want to give Fiverr a try, the sign up is free as a buyer or seller.

Start here:

Take a look at the 4 gigs that I offer, and ask yourself.  Could you do something like that? Now I'm not trying to create competition for myself, but if it helps you to see the light, so be it.  The gigs generate part time income and a win/win situation for my customers. And I have more gigs to come, the opportunities are unlimited. Twitter and Fiverr are the platforms of a lifetime. 

Anyway,  I hope I did some good here.  Now go forth my sweet dumpling and conquer the world.

My Gigs on Fiverr:

Gig#1  I will blast your name (Twitter handle) twice a week to 141K followers to follow you. It's an excellent way to gain more followers and get more exposure. More details Fiverr

Gig#2  I will add your name to the RT Train follow lists.  It's an excellent way to gain passively  more followers without much effort. Fiverr

Gig#3  I will blast your headline message and link to 141k followers 4x times a week for 30 days.   Fiverr

Gig#4  I will teach you how to gain 100,000 Followers. 1 on 1 Twitter consultations. Pick the categories you're interested in. Fiverr

If you see the synergy of Twitter and Fiverr, then you should learn as much as you can about getting a presence of the web.


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