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A Little R&D Never Kille

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A Little R&D Never Killed Nobody

                       How buyers find books

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by M LeMont

What author wouldn't like to know how readers find and buy books? Being a self- published author can be a bit overwhelming. There are so many small things that can make a big difference. I remember a reporter asking Vince Lombardi, the coach of the 1966 & 1967 Super Bowl Champions Green Bay Packers, how his team won so many games.  Vince said,  "There are 1,001 little things that make a football team great. We focus on doing 1,001 little things that other teams won't do." 


So I decided to take Vince Lombardi's advice--apply the 1001 little things principle and conduct research and development live on Twitter. I wanted  to know two very important questions: 

1.   How did you hear about HTG100K?

2.   What motivated your buying decision?   

Now what author wouldn't like to know how readers found and bought their books?

                        Live R&D on Twitter

 @StefneMiller:)  I had more than 600 new followers since Saturday morning! Your strategies work! And I'm having a great time getting to know people.

@MisterSalesman:) Here are two quick R&D questions: How did you hear about HTG100K?    


@StefneMiller:) I saw someone else's tweet about it (hate to say that I don't recall who).

@MisterSalesman) What motivated you to take a chance and buy it?

 replied) I felt like it was a small risk/investment for the possibility of gaining a lot of knowledge - which I did.

Thanks @StefneMiller That's good R&D  for everyone to know that retweeting can actually lead to sales. Thanks so much. I'll talk to you tomorrow.

Next I had a chance to ask @CaeliusStorm 

  June 8, 2015

 @CaeliusStorm:)   I absolutely will, HTG100K was the best $10 I spent this year ;) and I just passed 1K followers (and still climbing) Thanks, your book helped a lot.


@MisterSalesman  ) That's Incredible!!!   Michael here's two R&D questions: Inquiring minds want to know?

-How did you find this HTG100K book?

-What motivated you to buy it?

 @CaeliusStorm) It was your twitter advertising, then look ed at Amazon - I needed to increase my following for my upcoming blog. 

 More R&D  June 16, 2015

@IslingtonTutor bought the book. Read it. Implemented the strategies and tweeted his results.  

@IslingtonTutor) I went from 200>3,600 in a few weeks. I need to make time for 1 on 1 I'm sure I can do even better.

Me:) That's fantastic!  Without the 1 on 1, consultation just you and the book. Wow!!!

I couldn't help but ask a couple R&D questions.

Hey, I am conducting a two question marketing interview that will appear on my R&D page.

 1. How did you hear about the HTG100K book? 

2.  What motivated you to buy it?  I'll wait right here for your answer.

@IslingtonTutor:) I  heard of your book from word of mouth. I bought it out of curiosity - maybe it will help drive more traffic to my website.

Me:) How did it happen  The old fashion word of mouth?  Tell me more, I want to know how deep the rabbit hole goes.

@IslingtonTutor  I had asked someone why they had put a period before the .@ and then someone else explained it and then referred your book.

Me:) So someone else jumped in the conversation and explained it, then referred the book. Now that's how you blend Social Media with old fashion word of mouth.  

@IslingtonTutor I'm a math tutor and most of my business comes from referrals. 

 Me:)That's the best news I've heard all day. Congratulations again for gaining 3,600 followers!!!

 A Little R&D Never Killed Nobody!  

Stay tune for more R&D. It's the 1,001 little things that can make big a difference in your business. 

             A Little R&D Never Killed Nobody

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