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AHA Rochelle Campbell


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AHA LIVE with host M LeMont

Some of the  best interviews occur when the person doesn't know they're being interviewed.  It's sort of like the old TV show  Smile You're On Candid Camera.  I caught AHA Author  Rochelle Campbell totally off guard in this 2 min 2 sec live conversation on Twitter.  You can also catch her first interview here.

Me: I like your picture. You're getting too sexy for your own good.)))

Rochelle: Thanks! So glad the late hours are not readily seen on my face. This is the promo pic for my new book.

Here ar the deets! Hope to 'hear' u on 3/11! Also the release date for my new #nonfiction #finance bk. pic.twitter.com/IVQV2anZAX

You are on a roll. You inspire me to stay up and write all night! DOLLARS and Sense. 
Catchy title, it has mass appeal.

Rochelle: MAKING DOLLARS & SENSE WORK: A Financial Primer for
Single Moms & Dads Plus College Kids Too! pic.twitter.com/zSJLOsgi46  I just wanted to get to heart of the matter. So many of us don't have any financial education under our belts this bk helps!


Me: I would assume it would apply to men as well who pay child support. 


Rochelle:  Yes, Single Dads are definitely spoken 2 in this book! This bk is not gender specific in fact it's not just for parents

What is a must read chapter in the book?  

Rochelle: The one about Payday Loan Hell. A bank rep told me that banks can't help ppl in that sit. This bk gives u a ltr to stop them.


Interesting. I'll make sure to focus on that chapter. Where did you get the inspiration to write a non-fiction.  It's long ways from Fury From Hell?


Rochelle: I was trying 2 decide what 2 write next. A friend suggested I pull back from the confusion & write what I was passionate about.

That makes sense. There are plenty of things that our eyes have seen and our ears have heard that we can write about.

Rochelle: Yes, it reminds me of Warren Buffet. When his body has a twitch, or a tingle he knows it means buy or sell b/c he's seen something.

One last question. Hurry my 2 min 2 sec is almost up. People will start screaming bloody murder and  unfollow me.  Hell, I'm close to hitting 100k followers, I can't afford to lose anyone

Rochelle: You're crazy, you  know that?

Me: Yea, I know. that's why the Retweet Train is so popular.
Anyways, heeeer's my last question. Was it easier writing a non-ficion than a fiction book?

Rochelle:  Nonfiction is easy for me as I went to school for journalism. Research, compiling data, etc is fun to me. :-) Fiction? Work!


I would be remiss not to mention that you 're a beta tester for my new book How To Get 100,000 Twitter Followers, and you're living proof how well the strategies and shortcuts work.   

Rochelle:  I was stuck at 5,000-6,000 followers then I saw some amazing results from other beta testers  and said hey I need to see what's going on?  Now, I have 10,000 followers in less than four weeks.  The strategies are easy to do and the tricky part, they are easy not to do. I can't wait read your book.  

Yes, I remember those days when you were stubborn as a mule and wouldn't follow my advice. (LMAO!:-) But now you're own track for 100,000 followers.  You can follow Rochelle on Twitter at  @NotebkBlogairy, and she always follows back. 

Well, my dear,  the clock on the wall says that's all.  I hope you don't mind if I add this conversation as an AHA Interview.  


Rochelle:  Sneaky! You scooped WLVS! :-) LOL. I'm sure it will be okay.


Oops! I forgot to say, Smile You're on AHA Live!  Thanks, you're a sweetheart. I can't wait to get my hands your new book. One idea can change a person's life.

 Rochelle's Making Dollars & Sense Work   Available Now

I feel a Best Seller in the making.

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           Available Now            Available Now 

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