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4 Things To Do Now



      Lesson 20:
  Network Marketing - 4 Things You Should Do Now  

 By M. Le'Mont

 "If you don't build your dreams, someone will hire you to build theirs."

 The most Important thing to do now is take action and
a Network marketing company, or implement some 
ideas you've learned from this course.  
People fail because they never get started or they let
others discourage them.  

You want know if something works unless you try.

If what you're doing right now isn't working, why not try
something different.  Take action!

2. Get with the right company, with the right product.  Go back and look at
the  Private Video ad get on the next monster tidal wave.  

3.  Keep your full time job.  You are not going to hear that from
your up line leaders, but you need your full time job to pay your
bills as you learn a new business

Most people fail in Network Marketing because they expect
to be an overnight success

They forgot  that it took years for them to learn how to work full-time
and make enough money to just to live pay check to pay check.

Normally it takes  2-3 years before you start making money in
from any business

And since you have a full time job to pay your bills, you shouldn't
care if you get results or not.
   Just  dig in an learn all you can
about building your business.

4.  What is your reason "Why" -  Have you ever thought why you want
you want to own a network marketing business?  

The next time you attend
  a Network Marketing convention or  event,
 I want you pay close attention to the success stories of  the top earners  

Discover what they all had in common that made them successful.

I recently listen to the success stories of some my company's
top earners and they had  two things in common.

Most of them were so broke they were one step away
from being homeless and had no place else to go,

or they had years of network marketing experience. 

So either you have no place else to go or you're
waiting for your income to catch up with your experience.

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