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2 min book review

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How to Write a 2 minute 2 sec Book Review


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2 min 2 sec No Skimming 

by M LeMont 

Hey is anybody out there?
  That's how authors feel when readers buy their books and there's no book reviews.  Besides the Maytag washer man, being an author is the loneliest job on the planet.  

If you've never written a book you would think it was pretty easy to writ
e one--that is until you put those first words on paper and blood start coming out of your nose, eyes and hears. (I'm just kidding but it does feel that way.)  

An author's finest hour is when he lays it all on the line knowing that he gave it his best, 
and reads a review that his book was appreciated.  

So why do 99% of readers don't give reviews, even when they enjoy the hell out of a book?  
Nobody really knows, but I'm going to take a wild guess and say, for two reasons.  

Reason#1  Readers don't know how important reviews are to an author's confidence
 and book sales. Reviews sell books-- they also help authors improve their writing skills. Good authors read reviews with an open mind--there is something to gain from every review. 

Reason#2  Readers don't have time to figure out how to write a review, after all they're not writers, right?  Until I became an author less than a year ago, I fell into both
 camps.  Now I give reviews every chance I get. And it takes me 2 minutes 2 seconds to write one.  See a list of my reviews on Amazon here.  M LeMont Reviews

I've already shown how important it is for authors to get reviews, so now I'm going to show how to write a 2 minute 2 second review, and
rate the book accordingly.
   I actually stole this method from a reviewer who rated my book The Point of No Return 4 STARS.  Regina M  

5 Point Rating System 

Entertainment-- 5 out of 5 I enjoyed the book 
Originality-- 5 out of 5   The plot was original 
Writing Style--      4 out of 5   Unique writing style 
Flow and easy to read 5 out of 5

Character/Scene Description 3 out of 5 

Average 22/5=4.4 average  round up  or down 

Rating:  4 STARS  

Now you can do something that 99% of the readers won't do---give a book review and make an author smile.

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